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PostSubject: Lost Innocence   Lost Innocence I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 10, 2012 3:36 pm

The solitary figure stands upon the prow of the ship watching with intent eyes as it glides along the water, entering the harbor of the Grand City of Solamnia. His cloak billows in the breeze behind him. His eyes burn, but his demeanor is calm as an untouched bowl of water lying on a table.

The ship pulls along the dock jutting into the water, as crew hand throw ropes to the shore for the dock hands to moor them down. The man leaves the prow, and stand by the plank awaiting the board to be lowered. Once the plank is lowered, he calmly makes his way off the ship and steps onto firm ground. He scans the area, making note of the guards and knights walking this way and that. He pulls his cloak tight around him, and his cowl lower to ward off the sunlight. He moves into the city.

He spends a few days in the city, visiting various pubs, and watering holes, listening to the local gossip that the commoners seem to know all about, and listens to the Soldiers complain about this Knight or that knight and their wretched nobility.
On the third night, sitting in the Squawking Gull tavern, he hears scuttle that peaks his interest. Two soldiers are discussing their upcoming assignment; more like griping about it; of how they have to protect the Birthday party of a Knights child....

"I tell you Garin, Lord Triusk is beginning to wear thin onme with his demands for his sons birthday. Do this, do that, make sure this. Just cause he is a Knight of the Rose, does not mean he can just order us like this. I have half a mind to refuse." said the drunk soldier.

His companion, a young soldier sitting across from him looks to him. "Actually Dorin, it does mean he can order us to do those things. If we don't, we can be brought up on charges for disobeying; and don't think for a second that he would not do it. It is his only child's first birthday. You know his wife could not get pregnant, but after Mishikal's clerics helped, she did. It is his dream. If you do anything to mess it up, he'll probably hang you."

The man sat there as he listened to the soldiers talk for a while longer, taking all relevant details into his mind. After another hour, the soldiers depart the bar, having left the man with all the information he needed. Now it was time to make preparations...

He leaves the tavern, and makes his way to the hovel he occupied with a woman he met his first day in the city. She had lost her husband to the war, and her only child was stillborn. When he found her, she was sitting in an alleyway holding a vial of poison she managed to "aquire", ready to drink it, and end her pain. He talked her out of the foolishness. She offered him to share her bed... as meager as it was. He enters the hovel and sees the woman making a dinner of porridge, humming to herself. He looks around the place, and shakes his head wondering to himself. After a brief moment, his jaw clenches and he walks over to the woman.

"Stop preparing dinner. We are going to have a kings feast tonight. After, we shall lie in each others arms until the sun rises. Tomorrow, pack your things, for we will be leaving this place"

The woman looks to him with a confused look. All he can do is smile as he tells her to grab her cloak, for it is chilly this evening. They go to a tavern, and he orders a healthy feast for them. They gorge themselves on meats, vegetables, breads and cheese. The woman drinks her fill of wine, finding herself tipsy. The man drinks his tea. He watches the bar as people come and go, listing to more scuttle as it crosses his ears. At the end of the night, he pays his tab with the bartender, and takes the woman back to the hovel they share.
By the light of the moon seeping in through the many cracks in the roof, the lie in ecstasy, feeling each other through the night.
The next morning, the man awakes early, as is his custom. He leaves the woman sleeping soundly, and ventures into the city. He makes his way through the streets that have just come alive. He walks into the deeds office. He approaches the man; a fat slovenly glutton of a human; who is wearing nice fineries. No doubt this man has gotten rich from over charging hard working people for the rat holes he owns. The deed merchant looks to him....

"I want to buy a house. Something with at least three bedrooms, and a garden. It must have a cellar and I want it somewhere in the finer area of town." He gives a possible location, knowing it is close to the home of the target. The merchant sizes the man up, then simply shrugs once, and begins searching his records. After several long moments the merchant returns smiling, and lays down a piece of paper. The man takes up the paper, and reads it. The property will do nicely, and he asks a price. "Seventy Five Thousand steel is the price." The man quirks an eyebrow and looks once more to the paper... "You fat lazy slob... the property is worth Fifty thousand, and no more. If you think to swindle me, then know I will use your empty skull as a candle holder.." The man then drops a rather large bag on the floor behind the counter. The merchant seems about to protest, but the large arms on the man as he leans into the counter with a deadly look in his eyes, plus the jingle of the bag as it hits the floor, makes him think twice. The merchant nods stupidly a few times, and hands the man the deed. The man turns to leave and stops at the door. "I was never here... do you understand?" The merchant simply nods, having already opened the bag and begun counting the coins.

The man returns to the hovel, to find the woman already packed, and awaiting him. He smiles seeing the eargerness in her eyes. He grabs the belongings, and he and the woman travel through the streets, until they arrive at their new home. The woman squeals in delight seeing the fine home. In the back of her mind, she wonders where this money comes from to buy this house, but her elation at not being a beggar or dredge any longer subjugates her thoughts. He opens the door and enters. The home is still furnished from the eviction of the previous occupants. The woman begins exploring the house, going from room to room, pointing out the various things that catch her eye. After a few hours, the man tells his woman to go to market, and buy much food. He gives her a pouch bulging with coins. She nods, and jumps into his arms, kissing him with all her might, then runs off... he calls after her to also buy herself some new clothing.
The man, is interested in only one place. He opens the door and descends the wooden steps into the cellar of the home, and looks around. This will do nicely...
He sets to work moving things around, then goes to the base of the home on the side, and begins digging. He digs an entrance into the cellar from the outside. He breaks down the wall and makes an entrance.... He finds materials, or buys them, and closes the entrance with a door. He buys two of the best locks the city has for sale, and places one on the outside door, as well as the inside door. He tells the woman that she is never to go into the cellar, that it is his private space. She seems disappointed at first, but accepts. With everything ready, he sets out on his task.....

He awakes an hour before dawn every morning... and leaves the house. He travels the streets, and finds the home of his mark.. Lord Knight of the Rose Joseph Triusk. He sits in an alleyway across and just a bit down the street from the Lord Knights home,waiting and watching all day. He dresses in rags, and surrounds himself with garbage.... he watches.
For three days he sits in the alley, among the filth.... he returns home at dusk, and bathes while the woman prepares dinner. After they eat, they talk, and the man teaches the woman how to read, and write as best he can in the short time he is here. At night, they lie in bed, embraced intimately, for hours.

He does not sleep that third night, for he knows what tomorrow means... He keeps the woman awake, loving the woman passionately throughout the night hours. After she finds sleep, he dresses and makes his way to the alley he has sat in for these passed days. Luck, and the blessings of his goddess were on his side this day... for just passed noon, a woman, pushing a carriage left the doors of the home, flanked by two guards.... He knew it was the wife of the Lord Knight by the description he received from various people in the area. He waited for them to get a little ways down the street, then rose, and began following them. He walked behind them for a while. He watched as the woman put in the orders for specific foods, and wines, clothing, and presents, all things that would make the childs first birthday something to remember. The man smiled to himself at this thought... for indeed it would be something to remember.
The woman and child, along with their guard escorts, left the area... judging by the sun, and the direction they were going, the man surmised they were heading home... He rushed ahead. He found a couple of thugs standing in a doorway, watching the passerby's. He knew immediately, they were looking for a mark. He approached them...

"I have an offer for you.." he spoke to them in hushed tones. The men looked at each other, then to him... "I want you, to create a disturbance of some kind in the road. See that produce cart there? I want you to turn it over, start a fight, and create as much confusion as possible. In return, for this... 500 steel pieces each." He held out two pouches that were bulging. The men, looked to the pouches, then to each other, and grinned. They took the pouches and began to walk away.. "When I give you the signal, create a ruckus.." The men nodded, and moved down the street. The man, looking around, quickly moved to the other side of the street, into position. Down the street came the woman, the child, and the guards. The man signaled the thugs, and they began to argue, loudly. One shoved his partner, and a mock fight ensued. The fight spilled over, and knocked over the cart, spilling the fruits and vegetables onto the ground. The cart owner, now angry, got involved. Soon, it was general melee. The man moved down the side street, and awaited in a shadowed doorway.

As he hoped, the guards ushered the woman and child down the side street to avoid the commotion. The man huddled low in the doorway. He watched from beneath his hood as the guards and the woman passed him. The man then went into action. He got up quickly, taking a brief glance around. There were not many people around... a handful at most. He rushed from his place, and came at the first guard from behind, relying on his strength, he grabbed the guard, and broke his neck in one fluid motion. The guards body dropped, and in the same motion, the man leveled a punch directly on the bridge of the nose of the woman. She fell to the ground, bleeding and unconscious. The second guard, completely caught by surprise, fumbled to draw his short sword. The man waded in and let fly a series of blows. The guard, having no real defense, took the hits but fell. The man, pounced, and landed a kick square to the jaw of the guard, that put him to sleep.
Taking a quick look around, the man hurried over and grabbed the woman up from the street, and grabbed the small child from his carriage. He made his way into a side alley, and found a sewer grate. He pulled the lid off, and with the woman over his should, and the baby in his arms, he climbed down. It took some time, but he eventually found his way, crushing rats under boot. He found a grate, that led to the alleyway next to his home. Dusk had come, and the sky grew dark. He waited a little while longer, then left the sewers, making his way into the gate of his home, and to the side entrance that led to the cellar. Quickly he rushed in, barring the door behind him. He layed the woman down, and layed the baby on a swaddle of blankets on the floor. He bound and gagged the woman with rope and cloth, then decided what he would do with the baby. After some time, he simply covered the baby with blankets to muffle the cries. He would be back soon enough...
He went upstairs, and took a bath, then ate the dinner made for him. He made love to the woman, and sent her into slumber. He then returned to the cellar. He found the woman awake, her face badly bruised. He grinned looking to her. She saw him and tried to scream, but could utter nothing more than a muffled whimper. The man glided across the floor to stand over the woman. He looked to her for a moment, then leaned down, and tore the clothing from her body, leaving her naked on the floor. He himself disrobed.

A while later, he stood up. He looked to the woman on the floor. Her beaten and bloodied body, curled up into a ball, whimpering. H reached for his clothing, and dressed. The child, by this time, was crawling, and stumbling around the cellar. He walked over, and picked up the child. He walked to a table, and layed the child down. He tied the child to the table, so it could not move. He placed a cloth over the childs mouth to muffle the cries. He lit the candles on the table surrounding the child. He grabbed the dagger from the case in the corner, and the vial of water blessed by a cleric. The midnight hour was upon him... He opened the vial, and poured the holy water over the daggers blade.... he waited...

"Queen of Darkness, accept this sacrifice unto you. This child, born of nobility, the blood of your hated enemy, the only child of a Knight. May you keep this childs soul safe by your side, so that his father may visit you in the afterlife, and see what became of his son."

As he heard the bells strike the midnight toll... he thrust the dagger down, piercing the Child's flesh. He dragged the dagger down, opening the childs insides. Steam rose in the night chill, as blood flowed upon the table. The child screamed, as best as could with the gag in his mouth. The woman on the floor screamed. The man reached into the childs chest... wrapped his hand around the still beating, yet slowing heart, and ripped it from the body of the child. He offered it to the heavens, then brought the heart to his lips, and bit into it. He then dropped the remainder of the heart into a bowl, and put the scented iols over it, dropping in a candle, allowing it to catch flame, and burn. He then turned to the body of the child, that was convulsing upon the table, and took the dagger, and dug out the eyes of the child, then cut out the tongue from the mouth. He grabbed a sharpened sword, and coated the blade in the remaing holy water, and with a sinlge stroke, took the childs head from its body.
He turned to the woman, holding her childs head in his hand.... He knelt down and whispered softly to her while showing her the head of her child.....

"This is what your husband has brought. Those without honor, shall suffer a thousand years in torment for their sins. Your child is but the first of many. Know this, your husband shall reject you, for your flesh was taken, your heart will sink. Your husbands mind will rot, and the anger will eat his soul until it is as black as those of the men he calls brother."

He stands, and chuckles softly, then turns. He places the head of the child in a small basket, , grabs a piece of paper and writes something down, then places the paper in the basket with the head, with another small object then covers it with a large cloth.
The man then places a hand on the womans throat, until she is unconscious, but allows her to live. He proceeds to clean up the cellar, and waits until dawn approaches. As the sky begins to lighten in the distance, he goes to the wife of the Knight and forces a potion down her throat, and she becomes unseen. The man then grabs the basket, and rinks a potion himself, and becomes unseen. He reaches down, and finds the woman, then lifts her onto his shoulder. He leaves the cellar, and quickly makes his way through the alleyways. He arrives at the home of the Lord Knight, and places the wifes body down. He then places the basket on the stairs, and poses the wifes naked form embracing the basket. The man then hurries off, and finds his spot down the street. He waits.. Light breaks... people begin to move the streets, setting for the days activities. The potion lasts for a while, but the magic of it eventually fades, and the woman, and the basket appear out of no where, to the startled fright of many close to the scene. Whistles blow, people clammer for a look. The man leaves his spot and ventures closer, keeping his cowl pulled low. The door to the home of the Knight opens, and he emerges. His face is ragged from worry, and lack of sleep. He sees the body of his wife, naked, upon the steps, and takes his cloak and covers her. He then looks into the basket, and an eerie, heart wrenching scream escapes from deep within him.
Some close to the basket also scream in terror, some faint, others vomit. The guards of the house secure the door, and the city guard, as well as soldiers and knights come running. The woman is helped inside. A knight reaches into the basket, and retrieves the note, and the ring under it. The ring is a signet ring, bearing a regal Lion poised in a sitting position, with an ornate sword at it's feet, being struck by a lightning bolt. He reads the note, then lowers his head. He puts the paper down, face up, and turns away to hide his digust. Some there, read the note if they are able..... it is written in blood.

"Lord Knight Triusk, I do hope the celebration for your only childs first birthday is a joyous one. I and your wife celebrated it as she gave me her body, over and over again. Such sweet flesh your wife has. Your son however, shall wander the afterlife blind and deaf. Your son payed for your sins, for you are too cowardly to do so yourself. Enjoy the festivities."

Seeing the despair he wrought, then man turns and walks away. He considers heading to the home he had while here, but looks north, and decides it is time to go home. He wonders to himself if his nights of pleasure have left the woman with child. If so, then she will recieve what she wants in raising her child, and Talash will have spread his blood to the world.
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Lost Innocence
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