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 The pain of guilt

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The pain of guilt Empty
PostSubject: The pain of guilt   The pain of guilt I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 14, 2012 9:57 am

After hearing the summons Ame paces around the home her and Marcus share. She is visably shaken and starts to mutter to herself. "I need to go, I need to help them. They need my support now!" Then she holds her hand over her stomach and starts to tear up. "He would never forgive me, though. None of them would. I have been deceitful already once, I cannot do it again. " She looks up at the celing as she starts to cry "Solinari, E'li, please, guide me. I need your help. I can't just sit here while they are being hurt. While those I love and care for, as well as call my family are suffering. " Then as if getting an answer to her prayer, she gets a twinge of morning sickness and is forced to run to the privy.
After a while of sitting in there she closes her eyes and prays. "Please, please, whoever is listening. E'li, Solinari, Mishakal, anyone! I need you to help them. Be with them today and let no harm come to them. I can't bear to lose any of them." After that she curls up on the floor of the privy and she has done many time recently and falls asleep. Her dreams are troubled this night, though. Feeling the shockwave rush through her when the tower is once again protected she feels another overwhelming urge to be sick but not because of her condition but because not all her prayers were answered.


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The pain of guilt
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