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 The vengance of Farz Galadorn

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The vengance of Farz Galadorn Empty
PostSubject: The vengance of Farz Galadorn   The vengance of Farz Galadorn I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 16, 2012 9:02 am

*Farz aids the people of Kayolin the best he can, he calls for the aid of his kin in Garnet and heads towards Solace. Upon his arival there he sees a Knight of Solamnia, still distraught over the loss of his kin he mumbles about how the Knights will pay. Lord Tarence introduces himself and asks if Farz has a problem with the Knights.*

"Not yours kind Solamie." Farz exclaims, "Dem ones of da Queeny Lady, I gonna smash em alls good I am"

"I heard something about an attack." States Tarence

"It be no attack.....Dey come and dey murdered innocent lasses and little ones dey did.....for dat dey all gonna get smashed!
Dis be all dey left"

Farz tosses the Amulet of Tahkisis and the note before Tarence......he retrieves the letter and reads it.

Tarence offers to send troops of the Solamnics to Kayolin to aid in the protection of the lands. Farz accepts this offer.

"And iffen you Solamies be needin any help to be goin and smashin dem dat did dis. Den you be callin old Farz. I be bein da toughest dwarf dis side of Kayolin."

Farz returns to Kayolin and helps clean up and honor the dead. The more he looks around his inside begin to burn hotter than Reorx's Forge. After several days Kayolin is beginning to take its shape back and Farz decides it is time. He heads North and travels for a couple day. Hearing of the attack on Vingaard keep he decides to go see it for himself. Once there he notices that they are posting guards once again. His heart begins to pound as he thinks about his Kin. He takes the shield and Waraxe from his back and charges the fort. His vengance boils inside him as he hacks his way through the defences.

The vengance of Farz Galadorn Pbucket

He makes his way into the keep, his battle cry rings loudly in the halls. With no fear and mere vengance raining through him he blasts his way through the keep.

The vengance of Farz Galadorn Pbucket

He finds thier Commander and the battle rages between them. Blow for blow they swing at one another until Farz's Waraxe pummles the Commander to the ground "Please stop and spare my life Master dwarf!" the commander fearfully screams. Farz swing with all he has one final time stopping the hefty blade of the war axe merely an inch from the Commanders skull..

The vengance of Farz Galadorn Pbucket

"Yous be tellin dem. Vengance be commin for dem. And you be memberin dis. You be leavin dis keep and never be commin back. Mes hear dat you try and be gettin more troops den me wills be commin back to be smashin you alls again."

The Commander merely nods, the fear in his eyes most evident as Farz turns and leaves.
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The vengance of Farz Galadorn
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