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 Calder in New ports

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PostSubject: Calder in New ports   Thu Dec 20, 2012 10:21 pm

In the port town of New ports it is usally calm durring the nights, peacful and relax are offten other words to discribe it. But that all changed a few days ago when the black robe moved into the tower. Every night the black robe would bring a cage of nine rabbits into the tower. He spends the entire night casting the spells which keep the city of New ports a wake. At the brink of dawn nine times the citizens of New Ports hear the muffled cries of rabbits as the black robe kills them with rage at his faillure. Although last night was diffrent, there were only eight screams, only eight rabbits were murdered. What had happened to the ninth? Apprently something meracilous as a loud cheer of glee filled the night air. Then all was silent and calm and New Ports enjoyed a half a peacful night. The next night instead of rabbits the black robe broughy in cages of exotic birds and a donkey teathered to a rope which he lead into the tower. Caws of death filled the air as all but one of the birds was murdered. Another success and another round of cheers. And then the donkey, the citizens awaited as the black robe started to cast the spell and.... no death whinny from the donkey ... could it have possibled lived? A cheer follows and the answer is yes the donkey had lived and the black robes experiments were succeeding.


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PostSubject: Re: Calder in New ports   Thu Dec 20, 2012 10:54 pm

A raven after several nights watches with dark keen eyes as the black robe brings his furry and feathered victims are lead into their ultimate fate. After each morning the raven is seen making one circle around the port town and then heads to a large ship. On the last morning after the raven is seen flying off thick gray clouds can be seen covering the tower and they release a cold rain, almost a mist. a cloaked figure walks amongst the people quietly watching. HIs arms are crossed as he listens to the townsfolk speak of restless nights. HIs gaze lingers upon the tower, however his expression remains blank. A few nervous kids watch him and whisper quietly about the man, but as soon as they look over he is gone. Where the cloaked man had gone off too they are unsure but they quickly run off noticing the clouds growing more thick above the tower. He has seen enough. He has heard enough.Time for no more to suffer at the hands of this man....


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PostSubject: Re: Calder in New ports   Fri Dec 21, 2012 2:00 am

Ski sits in her home and listens to the cries in the night. There was much on her mind of late but all of that had to take second place to her duties as Highmage. She looked into the orb in her private quarters and watched as yet another round of animals was brought to the tower. Her tower. As the night finally grew quiet, she wrapped herself in a wool cloak and cast a spell of alter-self. She walked the town streets until just after dawn. The people were beginning to awaken and she wanted to see their faces, their reactions to the seemingly new addition to the mage tower they were already leery of. Few seemed to merely go about their day but many casts worried glances in the direction of the tower. She hobbled as an aged human man, using her staff made to look like a gnarled old cane. Passing the morning near the docks, she ate a cheerless breakfast of fish and some dried plums. Some of the sailors stopped and chatted with the old man and continue to go about their day. She looked to the gathering storm and knew that he was watching and not happy. Nor was she. It was time to have a little chat with the newest black robe to think they could do as they please in Newports. It was time to finish this once and for all. A blue black raven accompanied by a slick black panther came over to the man and shared some of the fish. The man spoke a few words to the cat quietly and bid him off to seek someone in particular. The raven remained behind, sitting on the man's shoulder and picking at the thick cloak about his thin form as they both looked out to sea and waited.
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PostSubject: Re: Calder in New ports   

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Calder in New ports
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