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 The shedding of blood.

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The shedding of blood. Empty
PostSubject: The shedding of blood.   The shedding of blood. I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 21, 2012 9:10 am

Bawk, as he had been viciously named by the other giant children for he had been born with what the giants would consider defects, He was born with traits favoring his father, The Ogre Mage who had cast a spell over his mother and forced her to bed with him, his fathers blood had given him a smaller more human shaped frame while this meant he was weaker then his giant cousins it also meant that he was born with an increased potential for knowledge. This was evident as throughout his childhood he had begun noticing small rhythms and artistry in the world, entertaining his cousins with war songs and crude painting made from the blood and entrails of those crushed beneath the tribes boulders he had established his place with the giants. All seemed peaceful until his cousins outgrew him, standing nearly a full 4ft over him the elders questioned the origins of his birth which his mother had kept as her shameful secret, for in giant law purity is most sacred. The violation of her body was seen as her own willing choice to bed the ogre as the giants had only a small grasp of magic and only evocation at that, the concept of enchantment seemed like a fabrication created to save her own life, a fabrication which she still attempted to explain while she was stoned to death when the execution mob turn to Bawk they discovered that he had run far away from them.

Bawk hadn't seen the death of his mother only heard her screams as he ran far away into the night he needed a way to get back at his cousins but he needed something to help close the gap between his strength and that of his full-blooded cousins. Desperately he turned to the natural predators of the giant races, the human adventurers, explaining his story to those who didn't attempt to kill him at first sight when he approached their campfire he was taken in by a Half-orc with a similar birth story he learned to use a Calvary saber and steed to round up and take revenge on the Orcs who destroyed his human village and took the women and children prisoner. Learning the basics of sword play over several nights that the orc-kin could spare before his party left the area off towards certain doom as was expected of their career.

Swordplay is an form that takes week to learn but lifetimes to master even longer if one is using an improper blade, Bawk was trying his best to practice the advanced parry and counter attack motions he had been taught but the only blade large enough for him to use with one hand as the greatsword, a blade known not for it's sharp edge but rather the crushing power it could put behind a dull one. Hearing his plight a minotaur greeted him and offered him better weapons and even armor if he agreed to pledge servitude to Sargonnas and serve the lord of vengeance, He agreed to rbing the god the heads of his entire tribe if could be granted the power to do so, the god laughed and led him to his temple where after proving his hatred he was granted a cutlass made for one one of his size as well as a shielding amulet and cloak before being sent on his quest for vengeance.

Bawk made his way towards his family his eyes showing signs of his lack of sleep for he had vowed to not rest until he had earned the right to carry his sword. The winter storms were in full swing as the cloaked figure was illuminated by a strike of lightning. He called out to his "kin" demanding his right to challenge the tribes leader, the well adorned leader of the giant tribe rose from his seat and made his way out of the cave with a small mob the sort who come only to see bloodshed not truly caring whose it was. As the elder reached for a nearby tree uprooting it to make his club the display meant to strike fear with a display of his massive strength he found himself faced with darkness rather than a quivering opponent. Bawk had taken his cape and thrown it over the giants head, as the giant reached up to grab the cloak off his face Bawk charged him cutting the tendons in his legs with two swift strokes sending the elders skull crashing down onto a jagged rock, not taking the time to watch the elder fall he cut down all those who appeared to watch the fight severing the heads voicing their displeasure with Bawks tactics and cruelty, he had promised the Vengeance God their heads he had promised them no quarter. After wrapping the severed giant heads in his cloak, he approached the Elder who still showed signs of life dispite his heavy blood loss, Bawk had expected this. The leader rose up his face displaying signs of great pain as the turned to face Bawk drenched in the blood of his tribe holding a crudly made sack of severed heads. A calm swept over the area even the storm seemed to quiet down in reverence of the bloodshed about to happen. The elder was the first to move charging forward with his leg wounds streaming blood he disarmed Bawk holding him in a grapple Bawk struggled to get free but it was no use the gap in strength was too great. Slowly he felt the life from him being crushed, in an act of desperation he bit down heavily on the Elders arm. It did not but make the giant even more ferocious has one of his massive hands shifted from the crushing hold to grip Bawk's face, a massive digit burrowing into his eye socket. Bawk wailed in agony as the giant tore off a large portion of his face as he managed to find the strength to break free. Bawk looked up at the Elder surprised he was still able to see despite the injury to his eye as he reached up to grip the wound he felt something out of place...Rather than raw muscle tissue beneath the flesh that was torn off was a set of red scales. It seems his father the Ogre mage had granted him one final gift, Ogre magi were sorcerers, magi who drew their power from the latent draconian blood; Blood which now ran stronger than ever in his son. Bawk smiled has he tore the wound open further grinning a set of carnivorous gnarled teeth he understood now why he took after his father and wanted to see just how much like his father he was he summoned something deep from within himself, He called on the fire that was in his heart, the fires most call adrenaline and spat a stream of flames over the elder, the elders flesh blistering and stripping from the flames collapsed into a heap. Bawk reclaimed his blade and severed the old bastard's blistering head in one clean motion placing it in his sack and throwing it over in one clean motion. The Scaled giant let the rains wash the blood from him as he wandered back to the temple with his collection of heads for his master. He had risen no longer Bawk-bawk the weakling, He Bawk, the Blood bathed.
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The shedding of blood.
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