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 A talk with a god

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PostSubject: A talk with a god   A talk with a god I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 23, 2012 11:49 pm

Sylee or (Silie) Walks into the forest wearing her usual scale and worg fur mesh armor seeing many other druids at work tending to Ill animals singing to plants. Most of them looking at her with disproval some scowling at her but she pays them no heed. A couple attempt to hit her with a few rocks but the rocks seem to stop as then reach her and are shot back hitting the ones who threw the rocks in the chest. She continues her walk through the forest untill she feels she is deep enough in as she then makes sure she is alone and sets up a few varius spell traps around and makes sure no normal animal comes near her for the time being.

Chesliv I've come to ask you on what you would like done with the woods of Wayreth I know keeping them inorder is needed but how do you wish to see it done. I ask you this because It seems Chemosh is trying to spread his relam.
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A talk with a god
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