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 Casting off of Robes

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PostSubject: Casting off of Robes   Casting off of Robes I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 27, 2012 9:33 pm

Ski'draghal paced her office in the Tower after her day's work of wood crafting. It had been good to do something physical. It cleared her mind. Allowed her to think unhindered. For too long now, had she been inactive. Well, inactive in the meaning that nothing she did or said was heeded by anyone. They all thought her a joke and did not respect the amount of burdens put on her shoulders. They all did exactly what they wanted to. White robes hiding in their shops and blasting Dark Armies. Red robes running taverns and galavanting across the continent through rune gates. Black robes fighting each other constantly and disrupting the peace of small towns. Kender looking for magic glasses and having possession of spell books. Had all of the art's users gone mad?

The only person that loved the art as much as she, was now gone. He had been cast out by his own order. Leaving her alone to deal with this mess. This group of power hungry spoiled greedy brats. She had gone so far as the have the thought that she wished the assassins had been successful in their attempts with this lot. Unfortunately, some of the more prominent trouble makers were not targeted.

Sighing, she went into her sleeping chambers and slowly undressed for bed. As she opened a drawer to remove her sleepwear, she noticed a golden gown she had carried with her from an eternity ago. She caressed the material and lifted it to her nose. It still smelled of her mother. Even after all these years. Her mother, who loved the art above all else. The art... not the tower who had turned its back on her for loving a druid and bearing children. The art.. above all else. The art, she died protecting.

It was time. Ski donned the golden gown with its intricate silver filigree. She left the bedroom with her staff in hand and approached the door that only one had recently dared open. Up the final set of steps she went and stuck the key into the door. She entered the very top of the tower. The very essence of the Eldricht Spirit emanated from this room. She could sense its power, but that was not why she was here. She made sure the door was secure behind her and proceeded to the center of the room. She bent down and lay her staff at her feet then lifted her arms to undo the clasp at her neck, setting down the amulet that had been her mothers. The image of the white moon stared back at her. She then removed a ring she wore, a ring given to her during her time as a black robe. Three items. One representing each order. She lifted her eyes above and raised her arms, focusing all of her energy into this call for aid.

"Moon Gods I call you. Here me Solinari. Here me Lunitari. Here me Nuitari. Your children are running rampant. The laws of the Tower are going unheeded. None cherish the art or respect its power. None are grateful for the blessings you rain down on us, my Gods. I, Aryn'dil Astia'mar Ski'draghal, Highmage of the Tower of High Sorcery, cry out to you in this time of our greatest need to look upon your magi and see them for what they truly are. See me for what I am. I have studied under each of you and dedicated my life, forsaking all, for the art. Look into my past and see the truth of my words. I come to you Moon Gods, begging your ear and your consideration. Look into my heart and know that I do not seek power for the sake of power but for the chance to right what was begun so long ago, in the beginning. Make me your vessel. Each of you. There is darkness and light and neutrality in me. I embody all of the spectrums. You know this. Make me your vessel and grant me what none have before. Make me your vessel and create a mage like none other. A mage that represents all of your blessings. I am casting off the robes of one color and calling you to make me Archmagus of the Art. Spellmaster of the Tower. Mage of all. Never before has this been done but the time has come. Look at your children and see their disdain for the art. Their blatant disrespect of all they are given. There should be one, -one-, that can go beyond that. Make me your vessel Moon Gods and I swear to you on that which I love above everything, my art, that I will right all the wrongs that have been done of late and create a new age of magi that truly follow your rule. Truly worship you and the Art. I can do this. You know I can. Look into my heart, into my soul, into the very magic that runs through my body from the years of worship. Make me your vessel! "

She stayed as such for a long time, her arms and legs shaking with exhaustion from the extended held pose, the energy coursing through the room. Finally after what seemed an eternity, she fell to her knees, her head bowed and her heart aching. Still she waited. If the Gods did not hear her, then it was done. There was nothing more she could do. The Tower was lost. Every fiber of her being cried in despair at only the thought of such. "please... please.. hear me... and respond.." her soul called over and over again.
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PostSubject: Re: Casting off of Robes   Casting off of Robes I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 28, 2012 2:04 pm

// This is OOC: The DM that play the moon gods are VERY busy with real life and are truing to get back in game ASAP.

I know it slows down RP but I ask that have some patience and let the Holidays pass and after the New Year starts i am sure thing can get back on track //

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Casting off of Robes
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