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 A Final Prayer

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PostSubject: A Final Prayer   A Final Prayer I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 31, 2012 12:56 pm

The winged man approaches the ice statue in Newports with great reluctance and sadness. He pauses in his movement but only briefly, this must be done he owes the Skylord that much. Kneeling before the shrine he slows his breathing down and enters a meditative state, the sky around him as if in response to his very mood shows dispersed clouds allowing the rays of the sun to beam down upon the small port town. No matter what type of magic flows through Mixtli the skills taught to him in his youth can never be taken away and meditation was a critical skill for him to master. His mentor had quickly picked up that the demon was always a moody one and left uncontrolled would only cause more harm than good. Another benefit he had told the young demon at the time was it could bring him closer to the gos should he allow himself.

This is what Mixtli wished to accomplish today, to get as close to a god he still respected but had more or less passed over due to the choices he was presented with. His breathing now almost unheard or unseen he feels himself grounded into place and begins his slow chant drawing into himself for the time being. A large black panther is circling the alter area, uncannily knowing not to enter but nonetheless he stands watch. A small squirrels curiously makes its way over but a low growl nearly makes the squirrel drop dead. Chattering angrily it makes its way to a tree and lugs an acorn at Tlalloc's head. The panther growls in annoyance but looks over satisfied to see his master and friend still in deep concentration. He resumes his vigilant watch.

Several minutes pass although by this time Mixtli isn't aware of such things he is focused body and soul for the Skylord to hear him. He delivers his message:

"To the Fisher King, son of Palladine and Mishakel. Brother of both Kiri Jolith and Solinari I want to thank you for giving me the chance to prove I am more than what I was. However on my path I discovered I have a natural desire to protect and to keep my word. Before anything else I had sworn to guard Newports and to keep it safe despite self sacrifices that will be needed. Today I was called upon to do so again. If I remain hunted by using borrowed powers I will be forced to run to fight to kill in order to protect this land and its shores. I will not run I will not hide I will be true to my oath. I will continue to protect this area as well as Caregoth now. I still hold sway over the skies and seas however it is by my own talents now not your most Divine blessings. I ask for nothing else but your understanding. May the seas remain strong and the skies remain clear and all the creatures we hold dear be protected from those that do not understand them. Safe winds and calm seas, Blue Phoenix."


He wakes up to a low growling noise and a large paw attempting to gently wake him. Mixtli glances at his shoulder and seeing the scratch marks can only assume his cat had been trying for a while to wake him. Looking up to the sky he sees the two moons Solinari and Lunitari shining brightly. Thankful he never cared for wearing shirts he brushes absently at his scratched up shoulder and follows a very "hungry" panther to the Dancing Yeti. Sighing Mixtli realizes he can no longer take the form of a cat and looks down at Tlalloc sadly. "lets go and eat out tonight, friend" he says after some second thought. The panther perks his ears up curiously as Mixtli speaks for the first time to him today. "Time for us to go and hunt, show me your skills friend. If you can best my arrow the next night you can choose." The cat looks as if he is grinning and nods to Mixtli before sprinting off. Mixtli looks over his shoulder to the shrine once more before following his familiar. The mages may have stripped him of his druid powers but never his spirit.


List of Alter Egos:

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Lassie- Domesticated Gnoll, Loves to play "Fetch"

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A Final Prayer
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