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 Attack on Haven

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Clion Kilnor

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PostSubject: Attack on Haven   Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:29 am

For as long as some can remember Haven has been under attack by the one who used the walk the land with us, The Undead. Still recovering from the endless attacks aid has comes to Haven by the forces of the Fighter's Academy and the Knight Order. Times in Haven seem to be on the raise until now. A small force of the Dragon armies have joined together and advanced into Haven. It is believed they are testing the strength of Haven, others think they are looking for something for their queen. These Forces killed and destoried only accouple of places but warned Haven they will return to claim Haven. A Call to arms is once again Haven's way of life and all Haven Seeker's are to report to duty to help stop these attacks.

// Hello everyone, People if you post here replying to the event please post as if your iC. Now everyone who Plays a Seeker PC or Dragon Army Pc please follow the PvP rules before fighting. Do not be shy to be involved in PvP remember it's all in good fun and should make things interesting. If you are not a seeker or DA but want to join in on one side or both that is up to you. Enjoy and have fun.
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Attack on Haven
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