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 Associate Rank?

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PostSubject: Associate Rank?   Sat Oct 16, 2010 1:52 am

I've been wondering if there is a way to achieve a rank that allows a character to be considered a member of a guild and only get some of the benefits, with a name like "affiliate" or "associate". This would be available to characters who did not necisarily fit all the requirements for the guild, but are allies of the guild.

For example, a Multiclass Sorcerer/Fighter wants to join the Tower. He/she likes having high levels in both classes, but he/she doesn't want to be hunted down by other mages. The problem is that anyone who wants to join must be pure mage. Therefore, the character would have to give up being a meaningful mage or fighter in order for the character to be allowed to function. Therefore, couln't a compromise be made so that the character becomes affiliated by the mage's test, but cannot gain ranks or access to all the areas of the tower? He/she could, however, gain access to guild items at a more difficult appraise level than the normal Tower mage, as well as access to the main level of the tower(where the token teleports him to). Also, the character wouldn't be hunted down by other Tower mages, and would still abide by the laws of magic.

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Associate Rank?
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