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 Persistent Chest for items and Bank for money.

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PostSubject: Persistent Chest for items and Bank for money.   Sat Jul 04, 2015 3:45 pm

Persistent Chest are in the mod they are located in the Bank area or some crafting shops. Most easy to find is the bank in Solace.

They save any item you place in the from reset to reset. even if the server crashed.

(When the old PC host died the data file was lost so where items placed in them this will NOT happen again, I back the server vault every other week along with the data file)

When you place item in the chest ONLY that char can take it back out this is prevent item transferring between your own char'sw or gamer term mulling.

A safe limit of the chest is 80 items can go to 100 but that pushing it, Bags of holding no matter what inside them count as 1 item. Example could have 30 bags of holding full with 20 items each. The Chest only sees that as 1 item, the bag of holding.

How they work:

When you place a item in the chest it tags that item to the chars name account and most important to remember is the NWN CD keys you using tags the items to those CD keys. 

A very good example is this: If you place a item in the chest and then log out and then back on another PC / Laptop with the same account same char and if its using a different set of CD keys your chest is going be empty. The CD keys must match with the chars name and account.  

The bank system is the same way.

Again the nwn data file is backed up with the server vault. So worries of items lost placed in them.

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Persistent Chest for items and Bank for money.
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