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 Client Chat Logging

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PostSubject: Client Chat Logging   Client Chat Logging I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 13, 2015 12:08 pm

OK sorry this took me so long to post... another player requested me to put this up for them.. for those who do/dont know you can save the chat from playing the game..

First you have to go into the Neverwinter file and open the nwnplayer..

Second when you open the file make sure it says [Game Options] if it does then  your in the right spot.

Third look for where it says ClientEntireChatWindowLogging=0     If you change it to =1 then it will record all your chat/attack logs from within the game... but if you dont want to deal with having to clean out all the attack rolls then where it says

Client CPU Affinity=0 you will make sure the curser is at the end and hit enter and there you will type in

ClientChatLogging=1 (make sure you type it exactly as i have shown here) and make sure you leave ClientEntireChatWindowLogging at =0 so this is what the game option should look like when your done

[Game Options]
Memory Level=1
Memory Access=1
TooltipDelay uSec=100000
Enable FloatyTextFeedback=1
Hide SecondStoryTiles=0
Single Player ItemLevelRestrictions=0
Single Player Enforce Legal Characters=0
Client CPU Affinity=0
In-game Text Swear Filter=0
Visible Cloaks=1
Difficulty Level=1
Heartbeat Logging=0
Log Model Errors=0
Death Logging=0

Be sure that your not IG when you make the changes because if you are then you'll have to exit the game in order for the setting change to take effect.
Oh and in order to make sure you dont constantly overwrite what was saved then you just go into the file marked logs, open it and rename the file (you can name it whatever you want) with all your chat in it and VOILA you have saved your IG conversations... just remember that you have to rename the log every time after you exit the game or it will be overwritten.. or if your like me you can condense the logs together into one and save..
If anything is still unclear just let me know and i'll see if i cant clarify the situation. Hopefully you all have fun with the chat logs like i do.. if not then just change the settings back to how they were.

Sincerly yours,
The local Evil Ava Razz

What you perceive as evil isn't always, and what you believe is good may not be,
trust in your heart to make the right choice,
So forth from the Darkness only a Shadow may find the Light within.

.....Lest you meet Amadria.... then your soul will be doomed to darkness forever
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Client Chat Logging
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