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 Hulix The Dwarf

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Leaving his hometown at a young age, Hulix roamed the vast lands in search of more to learn. Some of his great times and passion was meeting new friends and learning more of different races. Other memories was with a group of proud warriors known as Kross Blade Society. Many good times as he finally felt the need to return to his rightful place among his dwarven kin at Skys End peak. The Daewar Clan. Long awaited, his Kin men and women greet him with open arms. To have seen him leave as a young dwarf to return as grown dwarf. Hulix with vast knowledge of Blacksmith of the finest forging, Excellence in warfare and combat tactics only now proceeds in excellent's of knowledge beyond him. Eager for perfection, he prays to the Forge Father Reorx asking his blessing to become Thane of Daewar to continue the persue of perfection of Daewar.
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Hulix The Dwarf
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