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PostSubject: THE DAERGAR DWARF CLAN   Thu May 28, 2009 10:54 pm

The Daergar are also one of the original clans of Kal-Thax. After the Hylar's arrival the Daergar played several important roles in the Wizards War and the wars against the Empire of Ergoth. Daergar cities are dark and gloomy. Windowless prison modules and a huge arena where prisoners engage in bloody combat for the amusement of the citizens dominate a typical Daergar city.
Among the most revered members of the Daergar society are the bonemasters. Bonemasters are elder Daergar who attend to the bone pits located on the village perimeters, designing weapons, tools, and armor made from the bones. Bonemasters also have the ability to animate bones, creating living skeletons to do the bonemaster's bidding. A bonemaster can animate humanoid and animal skeletons alike; a number of skeletons equal to the bonemaster's level can be animated at the same time. The animated skeletons cannot be of any class; they choose their successors, to whom they teach the bone-animating ability.
Like the Theiwar, the Daergar also revere the gods of darkness. Tamex (Takhisis) the False Metal is revered for her craving of power. Tamex seeks to overthrow Reorx the Forge as the head of the dwarf pantheon, and seeks to destroy her counterpart, Thak (Paladine) the Hammer and his son, Kijo the Blade (Kiri-Jolith).
Sargonax the Bender (Sargonnas) is the Daergar god of strength and vengeance. He is seen with char-black skin, and fiery hair and eyes. His voice sounds like a dwarven blast furnace. It is said that he can bend an iron rod with his bare hands. Clerics of Sargonax have the symbol of a red fist, and wear red gloves. Sargonax’s clerics oppose the
Hylar in all they do.
Clerics of Khemax (Chemosh) are masters of the undead, animating corpses to do their bidding. These clerics wield maces shaped like skulls that are cold to the touch. The white skull masks of the clerics of Khemax are actually the skulls of long-dead dwarves. Khemax
quenches the flames of the forge, as he does the flames of life. The Daergar have some talent in High Sorcery, and so they pay homage to Nuitari the Ungod.

([i]Sources: AD & D Dragonlance – Dwarven kingdoms of Krynn, Dragonlance Nexus/Lexicon,
D & D Dragonlance - Holy Orders of the Stars)
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