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 A debt owed

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PostSubject: A debt owed   Sat Nov 27, 2010 7:25 pm

Valen Shaelidar and Lloyd Strife skulk through the upper layers of the Sla Mori. Valen had come because of rumors of ancient magical artifacts, Lloyd because Valen had hired him to help take care of whatever might lay below. Through this dungeon the companions struggled. Assailed by vampires, fungus men and wraiths the pair endured. In the dark they heard the undead shuffle. They heard things being eaten as they screamed in pain, and yet they persevered.

Upon turning a corner a group of vampires lashed out at lloyd, and Valen responded, dropping a fireball and throwing chain lightening at the aggressors the two Triumphed. Valen starts searching the remains as Lloyd tries to recover from his wounds. In the hands of one of the Vampires Valen finds a mithril blade. As chance would have it, his companion, Lloyd, is a warrior specialized in its use. Lloyd, upon seeing the blade, offers his services in order to be allowed to wield it.

Valen accepts the warriors offer, and casts a geas on him. The Geas states that Lloyd will pay 1.5 million gp to Valen, and until that debt is paid, he shall be at Valens beck and call. With a small amount of blood splashed on the blade the deal is put into place.

Upon completion of the deal, Lloyd pulls an animal skin out and writes some runes onto it that Valen has trouble translating, and states that he is in Valens debt.
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A debt owed
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