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PostSubject: THE AGHAR DWARF CLAN   Thu May 28, 2009 11:01 pm

The Aghar, or Gully Dwarves, are considered by many to be the most repulsive of races on Krynn. Gully dwarves are the diminutive cousins of true dwarves, though they still have a seat on the Council of Thanes in Thorbardin.
The gully dwarves of Thorbardin have achieved a level of majesty and pomp within the great dwarvenhome that far exceeds their stature anywhere else on Krynn. Nevertheless, they are still pathetic little creatures who don’t seem to understand the world around them.
The Aghar have claimed several massive tailing-piles that have been excavated from the delvings of the Daergar for their “city,”
Although the Daergar continue to dump great cartloads of rock onto these piles (usually when the greatest number of gully dwarves are playing in the slide zone), the Aghar have continued to thrive and prosper here.
Their stubby fingers have clawed countless narrow passages through the loose rock of these piles, and they have shored up their cavern with a wide variety of materials.
Many a Daergar warrior has lost his plate mail shirt and never suspected that it serves as a crucial archway in the warrens of the gully dwarves.
Terrified of any threat, Gully Dwarves are exceptionally hardheaded and stupid, but when driven into a corner can fight with a surprising ferocity using their only weapons-tooth and nail.
The Aghar believe that Reorx has abandoned them. Gully dwarves therefore appeal to the spirits of departed ancestors to protect them from harm and ensure their survival. The Aghar believe that inanimate objects hold great power from ancestor spirits, and that possession of such objects grants the spirits’ power to the owner.

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D & D Dragonlance - Holy Orders of the Stars)
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