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PostSubject: THE DAEWAR DWARF CLAN   Fri May 29, 2009 3:06 am

In the years predating Thorbardin, this clan had little to do with the others.
The Daewar lived in a great keep that they erected on the slopes of Sky’s End Peak. There they lived in isolation, yet with a kind of permanence and dignity that escaped their cliff dwelling and cave-dwelling neighbors. It was the Daewar explorer, Urkhan, who discovered the vast caverns that would one day house Thorbardin.
Daewar are the dwarven craftsman. They excel at battle and at metalworking and are considered to be 'good' dwarves as well. Daewar are almost as 'noble' as the Hylar, but they are more concerned with the acquisition of wealth and are usually the merchants of dwarvenkind.
The Daewar divide themselves into orthaxes, or religious sects such as the Forgers, Silverhands, Golden Hammers, Firehearts, and other religious organizations.
The Forgers are the worshippers of Reorx the Forge. They believe that perfection of oneself comes from perfecting one’s craft, a path requiring hard work,dedication, and sacrifice.
The Golden Hammers revere Thak the Hammer, the god Paladine, who appears as a platinum-skinned dwarf with a silver beard and a golden hammer.
The Silverhands are those dwarves who revere Shinare, the Silver Master, in a unique masculine incarnation, as a god of industry. These dwarves believe in accumulating wealth through hard work, and for the benefit of all.
The Firehearts revere Sirrion the Firemaster. Firehearts revere the flame that fuels the fires of the forge, endeavoring to use the forge in creative pursuits.

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D & D Dragonlance - Holy Orders of the Stars)
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