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PostSubject: THE KLAR DWARF CLAN   Fri May 29, 2009 3:14 am

The Klar were a clan of dwarves that were one of the original four clans of Kal-Thax. These wild dwarves are rendered mad by their use of the false metal tamex, or quicksilver.
Klar delight in the flowing of tamex, and typically use it to add a sheen to their works of art, as well as keeping bowls and dishes of the stuff around to play with.
Klar are temperamental, unpredictable and, when angered, almost immune to the effects of logic or pain. Other dwarves consider them rude and unkempt, but the Klar are tolerated, in part, because of their skill in battle.
The Klar are excellent scouts, able to maintain a movement rate of 12 when unencumbered by metal armor, and they are absolutely ferocious when attacking.
The Klar are not as productive laborers or as skilled craftsmen as the other clans. Still, their needs are simple, and they have managed to delve for themselves an extensive and multi-leveled city. The buildings and streets are somewhat chaotically arranged, and connecting passages are sparse. Often two buildings back each other, but a dwarf must travel from one through a mile or more of winding tunnel to reach the other building’s entrance.
The Klar have always had close ties with the earth. The Klar believe that when Reorx forged the world, he imbued into his creation a spark of his own divine essence. This spark
gave life to the earth, which in turn made it fertile. Klar clerics are charged with spreading the word of the living Krynn. To understand the living earth is to understand the secrets the earth holds. It is said that Klar clerics can speak with the stones, and draw strength fromthem. They can also command the creatures of the earth.

[/i](Sources: AD & D Dragonlance – Dwarven kingdoms of Krynn, Dragonlance Nexus/Lexicon,
D & D Dragonlance - Holy Orders of the Stars)
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