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PostSubject: THE THEIWAR DWARF CLAN   Fri May 29, 2009 3:21 am

The first thane to form in Kal-Thax, the Theiwar were cliff-dwellers who inhabited the
high summits of Cloudseeker Peak. Shrewd and ambitious, they are stocky and broadshouldered. The Theiwar are the only dwarves who claim any proficiency in magic use. Through their savants, who are often physically deformed and repulsive in appearance, the Theiwar have a potent source of fear that they freely use to intimidate dwarves of the other clans.
Among the Theiwar themselves, the savants are despised and feared, even as they are obeyed.
The members of this subrace are selfish and malicious, deriving cruel pleasure from the sufferings of others. They are cunning deal makers, and will conceal trickery and deception in the midst of apparently innocent conversation and negotiation. When the tables are turned, however, a Theiwar often seeks vengeance in blood for any kind of trick played upon him.
The dark Theiwar dwarves worship the dark gods of the dwarves. These evil gods are often seen as perversions of dwarf craftsmanship.
Tamex the False Metal (Takhisis) is chief among the Theiwar deities. Tamex is the master manipulator and schemer, whom they believe seeks to put the Theiwar as the masters of all dwarf clans with her machinations.
Hitax the Flaw (Hiddukel) is the god of lies and betrayal, whose clerics drive the Theiwar to turn upon their Hylar cousins. These dark clerics spread the seeds of greed
and jealousy within the hearts of the Theiwar, using the flaws in all things to their advantage.
Morgax the Rustlord (Morgion) appears as a dwarf made of rusted metal that falls off of him as he walks. Morgax is the decay that not only affects metal, but also the dwarven heart. Clerics of the Rustlord wear armor with thesymbol of an upside-down axe.

(Sources: AD & D Dragonlance – Dwarven kingdoms of Krynn, Dragonlance Nexus/Lexicon,
D & D Dragonlance - Holy Orders of the Stars)
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