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 NEIDAR CLAN - Hill Dwarves

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PostSubject: NEIDAR CLAN - Hill Dwarves   Tue Jun 02, 2009 11:38 pm

Neidar villages cover the length and the breadth of Thorbardin. Many of them exist on top of the caverns inhabited by their undermountain kin. Lately, limited trade has even begun to develop between the two great populations of dwarves.
Nevertheless, the hill dwarves live with the knowledge that their greatest enemies might dwell directly beneath their feet. Encounters between hill and mountain dwarf patrols still end in bloodshed as often as not.
Neidar clans form small villages that consist of modest houses of thatch, wood, and stone. Because of their dwarven roots they are excellent miners metalsmiths, and woodworkers. The eldest male serves as clan leader, but most major decisions are made by consensus. Unmarried Neidar often set out on their own, returning to their original clan only occasionally. The Neidar clan system predates the Cataclysm by hundreds of years and, true to tradition, different clans seldom associate with each other. This attitude has not only bred suspicion and a lack of cooperation among the clans; it has also hindered trade and economic development, keeping most clans in relative poverty.
Neidar get along well with Humans and Kender. Some have established cordial relationships with Elves. However, most other dwarven races shun the Neidar, particularly the mountain dwarves. Fond of animals, they keep kittens, sparrows, and ponies as pets. They produce few items of value, but sometimes they create metal tools and honey candies to sell in human towns. Neidar have voracious appetites, favorite dishes include cornbread, mushroom soup, and roast kingfisher.
The Neidar were more receptive of mysticism than other clans. Most Neidar mystics used their powers to help their villages, although a few went into the world.
The War of the Lance rekindled the worship of the ancient gods. Reorx was once again venerated as the highest of all Neidar gods. Some even took to the worship
of other deities, including Shinare the Silver Hand and Bardilun (Branchala), god of merriment, storytelling, and drink.
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NEIDAR CLAN - Hill Dwarves
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