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 Something Wicked This Way Comes...

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PostSubject: Something Wicked This Way Comes...   Tue Apr 26, 2011 10:54 pm

Months had passed since the rider had left Pax Tharkas on his mission. Occasionally he had wondered why he hadn't been sent to some lush tropical island that served beverages with little umbrellas in them. But those thoughts were fleeting.

He sat atop his horse and took a swig of now warm water. Gunther Halleck realized that scouting the Plains of Dust would have been faster on dragonback, but then again he would have stuck out like a kender at a funeral. For this reason he had also left his Dragon Army trappings back at Pax Tharkas, a decision he regretted as the desert sun shone down on him.

He was clad in simple leather armor with a cloak to shield him as best it could from the desert heat. A short sword hung at his belt and a hunting knife was tucked in his boot.

He had learned much in the desert. He had picked up much of the language of the desert people as well as the knowledge on how to survive. Most notably he had learned the locations of many of the major desert communities and their strengths and weaknesses. His mission was over and he could leave this miserable sandbox behind him.

At least for now.

Survival skills told him that it was best to travel by the cool of the evening and that standing out in the morning sun would waste much of his water but today was different. Words of divine magic drifted over the warm desert breeze and the warrior was rewarded with a familiar sight.

A large red dragon appeared in the sky and circled lazily down to the ground in front of him.

It took you long enough.

"I'll tell you what. Next time you can try to map a desert on horse back and see how long it takes you." Gunther chuckled. "It would seem that someone has been helping themself to a little too much cattle. I believe you have put on some weight."

The red snorted indignantly. I think not. I will have you know that I am in perfect fighting condition.

Friendly banter aside, the two had a grudging respect for each other. The dragon viewed Gunther as a lesser, albeit rather powerful, creature but realized that the human had some possible use to the Queen. Likewise Gunther knew that should he fall out of favor with her Dark Majesty this dragon would be the first to try and end his life.

But for now the balance was maintained.

The rider mounted the dragon and watched with amusement as the beast gulped down the horse complete with saddle. Red wings unfurled and kicked up clouds of sand as the two soared off into the sky and returned home.

There was much work to be done.

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-Malan uth Malanthius, Warrior in the Fighter's Academy
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Something Wicked This Way Comes...
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