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 Player character stories

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PostSubject: Re: Player character stories   Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:14 pm

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PostSubject: Player character stories   Sun Apr 26, 2009 7:52 pm

Hi Everyone Smile
Nice to see the forum up and running. Now at least it FEELS like we're getting somewhere!
How about setting up a site on the forum where players can start their character stories?

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PostSubject: Calur Bedwa   Thu Aug 12, 2010 7:07 am

A young (by elf standards) and impetuous elf that due to his tolerance and acceptance of other races is not exactly welcome in Qualinost. Although he is NOT a dark elf, exiled from his homeland, his family life has been strained especially since taking the Red Robes. His people may not have shunned him, but his family certainly has. His father thougth it unforgivable that his son questioned the Qualinesti view of separation and isolation from the rest of the worlds races. His unorthodox and totally unqualinesti view of the world led him to leave his home and he took up with a rogue from Longridge by the name of Glenn Windstead. The two were unseparable and they roamed the forests and towns surrounding Qualinest.
Calur always showed a talent for the arcane and Glenn recognized the young elf's talents. It was he that became Calur's sponsor to the Mage's Academy. Calur knew that stollen goods, purses and jewels paid for his studies, but he didn't care. Magic was his life, his truest love, therefore he had no time to waist 'chasing skirt-tails' as Glenn would say.
When the aging rogue died. Calur spiraled into a seemingly unending depression. He turned his back on his studies and took up with 'the wrong crowd'. He felt as though he were loosing himself, he had lost himself.
One evening as Lunitari's moon shined full and bright, Calur saw his path laid out clearly before him. He returned to the academy to beg his way back in only to find that his sponsor, Glenn Windstead, had also become his benefactor. A tidy sum was left with the school to see that Calur would be able to continue his studies. His next step, to take the dreaded test. The test that to those who failed meant death.
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PostSubject: Draxiss Stormscale   Tue Sep 21, 2010 9:06 pm

*I've never been on a forum before, so I might be posting this the wrong way.
*Draxiss is a Sivak Draconian until the subrace options are updated, therefore, no particular physical description is given.
*The reader may notice that there are no names given for other characters mentioned in the story. This is because, to Draxiss, names did not mattter. They only began to matter later, after his background story was completed.

Pain. Pain and fear. That's what most of Draxiss's early life involved. His memory of that time is uncertain, but he remembers the pain and fear. From birth, he was brought up to fear and serve Tahkisis, and all her high servants. He was raised in Pax Tharka for the first few years of his life. Any mistake, any accident, anythingcould cause him to be whipped. His fear of the tall figures with the whips grew to such a point that he decided to flee the temple. He has little memory of this, but from what he recalls, he ran away the whips. When the whips followed him, he hid in the deepest, darkest crevice he could find. When the whips didn't find him, he kept on running.
When he couldn't run anymore, he walked. When he couldn't walk anymore, he crawled on his hands and knees. When he couldn't do that, he inched along on his belly, trying to put as much distance between himself and the Temple of Pax Tharkas as possible. Eventually, he couldn't move a muscle, so great was his exhaustion. Thus, he slept.
When he awoke, he found himself in a forest. His memory of the past was obscure, at best, so he wasn't sure why he was there. He crawled along the forest floor, searching for anything to eat. He ate insects, leaves, lichens, and anything else he could find. He slept again.
When next he awoke, he found he had enough energy to walk. He began walking around this strange, new world of plant life. He wandered until he came to a large building. His first instinct was to run, for it reminded him of the temple. His curiosity retrained him. When he did not see, hear, or smell the people with whips, he sidled closer to investigate. He peered in though a paned window to see shelves and shelves of books, much like he had seen some of the ones even the whip people feared open and look at the inside of.
He searched for an open space, and found one through the chimney. He fell though, and walked up to the nearest book shelf. He crawled up the side, and grabbed a book at random off the shelf. He opened it, and stared at it. There were attractive lines and curves on the page. He stared.
"And just what do you think you're doing?"
Draxiss whirled around. The strangest looking human he had ever seen stared at him in bemusement.
His skin was wrinkled, like some of the great book-lookers, but he had on a large, grey hat with a point on it. His clothing was a heavily embroidered robe of white fading to gray, and he wore a pear of strange glass objects in front of his eyes.
"I've never seen anything like you before. What is you're name?", asked the man in a questioning voice.
Draxiss cowered in fear, gibbering desperate pleas for no whips in a mix of broken draconic and common, looking up at the human in desperation.
"Run away? Whips? Why would I do that?", asked the old man, a mixture of confusion and dawning pity on his face.
" were some sort of slave, weren't you?"
Draxiss, bewildered by the lack of whips, looked up.
The pointy-hatted man looked at him.
"Well, I can take care of you.", he decided. He glanced at the open book.
"Do you want to learn how to read?"

Thus began Draxiss's tutoring under the kindly wizard...but it was not to last.

For ten years, the wizard taught Draxiss the knowledge from the vast library he had accrued. The wizard taught him about how magic worked, some of why it worked, and how to wield arcane magic. Draxiss learned much from the wizard, and hungered to learn more. He would constantly ask questions about what the wizard was lecturing on, and was gently reprimanded several times, being told to be patient, he would get to that.
One day, while reading notes on a method of modifying a device used to control a creature, he heard his teacher calling. Even before he reached the wizard's bedroom, a sense that something wasn't right began to form. A strange smell was around the door to his master's bedroom. The voice didn't sound quite right, either. It sounded soft, almost crooning.
It sounds like the voice of a predator luring prey, Draxiss thought.
He paused as a scratching sound came from the other side of the door.
"Yes, sir?", he replied.
"I need some help with carrying this chest. Can you come in for a moment?"
Draxiss hesitated, forming a plan. Then he pushed open the door, one hand behind his back. He saw the wizard, hunched over a chest. Draxiss looked at his face. The wizard's face looked normal, except for looking extremely pale and...stiff. Like a mask, Draxiss thought.
"Certainly, I shall help you", replied the draconian. "I have just one question..."
"What are you?"
The wizard-thing stared at him for a moment. It then moved so fast that, if Draxiss hadn't been prepared for it, he probably would have been killed in an instant. It was a close call, as it was.
The wizard-thing lept at him, face becoming fanged and huge, claws growing from greyish hands, as Draxiss brought the wand in front of his face and discharged every once of power in it within a single instant.
He screamed as a brilliant blast of light and heat erupted from the wand into the monster's face, blasting him out into the hallway. As he watched, the masking monster writhed in agony for a moment before collapsing into burning ashes as the magical fire consumed it.In the same moment, the wand in his hand crumbled to ashes.
He stood up, dusted himself off, and stumbled into the room.
"Sir?", he said, voice wavering.
He heard a heavy cough from inside the box. He opened it to find his teacher, blood oozing from wounds on his chest and neck.
"Did you kill it?", he whispered, wheezing with the effort.
"Yes, sir. What was it?"
"Long ago, I foolishly summoned a monster from the abyss in a desperate attempt for power. I slipped up, and barely escaped with my life. Now, it seems, it has finally caught me. No, don't bother to treat the wounds, they are beyond even great healing magic, which has been long gone."
Draxiss remaind silent, staring stunned as the one person who had been his greatest friend began to die.
"My teaching for you is almost complete." He broke off for several painful, gasping moments before continuing, "All that is left, I have in this book."
He raised a trembling hand and pulled a small book out from inside his robe. He shoved it into Draxiss's scaled hand.
"Take it, learn from it, and, when the time presents itself, will know what to do."
The wizard closed his eyes, and breathed his last.
Draxiss stared in silence at his mentor's corpse. He didn't know how to cry. Instead, he raised his head and realeased a scream of anguish so intense that it seemed to take a life of its own. As the echoes died away, Draxiss picked up his master's corpse, placed it on the ground outside the building, and buried it.
When he had finished, he placed a flat stone over the grave, waved his hands, and crackling, blue-white fire traced the word "Friend" on the stone.
He turned around with the book in hand, and left the house of learning behind.

He began to travel through the woods, studying the book when he wasn't struggling to survive. The book seemed to be a collection of notes on the manipulation of supernatural control of a creature in order to free or communicate mind to mind with it. He had no idea what his teacher had had in mind.
As he traveled, he began to see the animals and plants from a different perspective. He began to understand how and why they would do what they did. He began to understand what it was to be one of the creatures.
His travels took him through tundras, deserts, swamps, jungles, and plains. He learned how the weather worked, and some of why the ground shook. As his understanding of the natural world grew, so did his influence over it. Then, he realised one day that he could directly affect what was happening around him through a simple act of will.
For several years, he traveled like this through the wilds. When he finally ventured into civilization, he had become a source of natural and arcane magic.
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Player character stories
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