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 Tainted Soil

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PostSubject: Tainted Soil   Tue Aug 02, 2011 11:33 pm

Night had effectively washed away all of the remnants of the day, leaving darkness to satiate and subrogate the world with its tenacious presence. A rain speckled breeze stirred the weightless and the unrepressed, impregnating much needed vitality into this inanimate scene and plucking fragments of dead foliage from the branches of trees. In being unleashed, those brittle, vivid leaves danced like ghostly butterflies, beautiful and yet evanescent, fluttering obediently to the currents of air which guided them to their final resting place. The cycle of life; or just a typical night. Perception called a vote to decide that it was neither, that it was both. Indra's eyes watched patiently over the quiet town of Solace. The air reeked of firewood, and the moon sent its radiant glow upon the world. Indra's armor, consisting of dark heavy plate mail and a long sleeved undershirt to match, laid drenched in the stains of sweat, the stains of torture, and war. His bare knuckled hand, tattered and worn, played along the hilt of his scimitar. The other, pulled his shield tightly at the ready, protecting him from any unseen foe. A thick spot of blood rolled down his sleeve and onto his knuckle. The warmth of it caught his eye and he watched it roll first down the hilt, then the blade of his scimitar onto the soft warm soil of Solace. Indra stretched a dark smile at the irony. That Solomnic blood would taint the neutral ground with it's presence. Quickly he twirled his scimitar in the palm of his hand, disturbing the earth with it's blade, before tucking it into it's sheath. Indra stood, the weight of his armor pulling down on his shoulders, and walked eastward into the wind.
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Tainted Soil
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