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 *A sad day in caergoth*

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Clion Kilnor

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PostSubject: *A sad day in caergoth*    Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:05 am

*Seen in many locations a Large Man wearing the marks of the Red Dragon armys Highlord was carrying Lord Matthews Belmonts body. This huge man carrying his body across the land and from town to town headin to Caergoth. Once The HighLord reaches Caergoth city folk, Academy guard stood in amazement as the High Lord walked to the temple of Light. Standing outside the Temple was the Two Crown Knight Guards that drew their swords when the High Lord walk to the doors.*

*placing Matthews body down infront of them He looks at the two knights*

I return Sir Matthew to you with a Message. I HighLord Rex have yet to find the item I am looking for. I will continue searching for it and will destory anyone who gets in my way. For the knights order it would be best for you to hand it over for this is my last warning to all Knights.

* Those words echo about the city walls for all to hear but before a alarm is sounded The Highlord looks one last time at Matthew was walks off to return to Pax*

// I posted this for Deathpool for he still does not have an account here on the forums.
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*A sad day in caergoth*
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