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 Items we are not going to have or change.

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PostSubject: Items we are not going to have or change.   Thu Jun 18, 2009 10:21 am

Any immunities of any sort is going be removed. This includes all Shop gear and Guild gear.

ONLY,exception to this will be “Guild leader gear". It will have immunity to: Knock Down

Most permant effects on items will be changed

Example: Belt of aglity with freedom of movement will be changed to 2 or mores use a day.

UMD and and the use of Scrolls: 3.5 player Hand book of DnD Wizard of the Coast books stats: UMD can be used for scrolls.

5th level and higher scrolls will be sold in the mage tower Shop along with better Mage gear.

Also 5th and higher lvl scrolls will drop off spawns at random or be stashed away in hidden places,like ruins and other areas.

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Items we are not going to have or change.
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