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 Possible updates to look forward to

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PostSubject: Possible updates to look forward to   Sun Aug 21, 2011 1:24 pm

The Role Play xp system- get rp from rping with your friends

Detect evil- for paladins only

Riddle doors- they ask a riddle, you type out what you think is the answer to get it to open


Animated rest system- your rest system will have neat animations such as placing down a bed roll or making a campfire

Various spell fixes and tweaks:
Tired of that old light spell, how about the ball of light that's suppose to follow you around! and various other things.

Custom summons and familiars: yes, that tired old elemental and hell hound will once again have a use other than eating up your precious travel rations and leaving droppings everywhere.

Fragile contents: You may not want to unlock it, but be careful how hard you hit that box when trying to open it, you might break something.

Dynamic weather: In the desert its hot. . .in ice reach its cold, dress accordingly.

Faction fixes: are you dragon army? well guess what, if you picked it you will be now. You will be treated just like your faction is!

Capture the flag! tired of not having a battle ground or no clear winner in city sieges, well now you will have the opportunity to prove how good you really are.

Player owned shops : run your own shop today, at ruddy lightfingers discount player owned shops. Disclaimer: Items may tend to vanish into the kenders pockets.

Dead and wild magic zones: some places are friendlier than others, and after the cataclysm, there were many odd and nasty places where the power of the arcane has gone awry.

Pack animals and pets: every wanted your own dire tiger or a pack penguin, well guess what, at Biscut Munchalot's animal emporium you might find just that!

Always tired of looking at boring blank book cases and never finding anything of use. well guess what, now you can search through those book cases and find all types of tomes of knowledge at Astinus's library!

Ever think that perhaps the goblins really are hiding their treasure from you? Well you might be right, as they have hidden containers and treasure that you might have to search for!

Ever want to take a dive into the lake near solace, just to see whats really down there? Well, new and improved under water area's may be coming your way!
Disclaimer: most mortals cannot breath under water, so do try to hold your breath while down there.


oh. . .where was i?


And much much more coming soon to Forgotten Hero's Of The Lance near you!
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PostSubject: Re: Possible updates to look forward to   Sun Aug 21, 2011 2:54 pm

Magi Caine wrote:
Detect evil- for paladins only

Not a fan of this one. I'd rather leave such things up to RP and observations.

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Possible updates to look forward to
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