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 The Death of Champaign

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PostSubject: The Death of Champaign   Sat Aug 27, 2011 5:44 am

*After speaking with several of the heroes from the final battle with Champaign, Arianna a young bard wishes to tell the story to commemorate the sacrifice made by Zula*

Rejoice oh People of Krynn, for the day has arrived! Champaign is no more, we have all survived.
But what is not known to all is how this was achieved, please all know the price was quite steep.
The heroes had all gathered rare items indeed, to forge a blade all would need.
The Bloodblade was forged with the magic of mages, the strength and support of great heroes
and was brought into creation, even with the success close to zero.

But the greatest task that caused quite a rattle was who shall weld this great sword in the battle.
The brave knight Zula offers his hand, without knowing the risks saying:
If all agree I will use this blade to rid Champaign of this land.
He knows that there is a risk this may be great, but he will not back down he will accept whatever fate.

Champaign wastes not time she will not go down so easy, or so fast
Finally! The battle is on,but which side will last?
She sends forth her armies to attack, multiple cities , relentless
And when her army had fallen all met up in Palanthus.

Both side had fought fiercely but her time had drawn near,
The dreaded Champaign faced the heroes with no fear.
She thought she could win the lands of Krynn and defeat all
But her reign of terror was over, she was about to fall.

Brave Zula swung the blade valiantly and true, he hit his target. Champaign was through.
But the killing blow that took her life, also stuck out great heroes with strife.
Zula lay on the ground never to awaken, with the swing of the blade his soul was also taken.

*she pauses for a moment before continuing*

This battle was won not by just one, but by many people from all over.
Please thank the fighters, who lent us their strength
Please thank the priests and knights who lent us their faith
Please thank the mages of the tower, who performed the final ritual
And to the Gods who share not just their blood but their power.
And last of all give your blessings and thanks to those who cannot be here at this fine hour.

*Arianna bows, and thanks all who were present to hear her story*
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The Death of Champaign
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