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 Aurora Star story recap

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PostSubject: Aurora Star story recap   Wed Aug 31, 2011 7:33 pm

-Aurora passes the test of High Sorcery, taking the White Robes.
-Aurora vows to undo the damage done by the Dragon Orb of Istar at Silvanesti
-Aurora meets and becomes fast friends with Xandra Caine
-Nuitari begins to attempt to influence Aurora into joining the Black Robes in exchange for power, Aurora refuses.
-Aurora joins the Conclave as a White Robe.
-New Ports is attacked. Aurora and a small group of adventurers repel the attack and end up tracing it back to Xak Tsaroth.
-Aurora is told Cyan Bloodbane must be killed before the Orb of Istar can safely be removed.
-Champaign attacks Caergoth. When closing the last summoning portal, Aurora is attacked by an overwhelming mental attack.
-Nuitari arrives at Caergoth, saving her from the mental attack and revealing the attacker to be a Dragon.
-The quest for the Bloodsword begins
-Caergoth is attacked by Champaign, resulting in failure again
-Aurora agrees to attempt to gain a Gold Dragon Egg for the Bloodsword, but simply plans on asking for one as a sacrifice.
-Xandra Caine gains the Holy Water of Mishakal from Xak Tsaroth
-Sanction is attacked by Champaign. Commander Shiv manages to strike down Champaign, but without the Bloodsword she simply gets back up and flees.
-Champaign attacks the gods, weakening Paladine.
-Aurora is given an unfertile Gold Dragon egg under the condition that it only be used for the Bloodsword. This is witnessed by both Lord Belmont and the Seekers
-Haven's outskirts are attacked by Champaign, Takhisis reveals to Aurora that Paladine is weakened and Lunitari may be the next attacked.
-It is learnt that the Bloodsword will also require the Blood of 3 different Gods, one from each alignment.
-Crystal is promoted to Head of the Red Robes and recieves the Blood of Lunitari
-Aurora strikes a deal with Nuitari in exchange for Power, mental training and his Blood in order to fulfill her orignal vow.

-Aurora masquerades around as a white robe under Nuitari's orders.
-Champaign is seen in Haven. Aurora attempts to gain ~Secret~ from Champaign, she refuses to give it up.
-Crystal, Aurora and a small group of adventurers end up at the Seeker Temple outside Solace. After refusing to take a suspicous drink, they find out the Temple has been infilitrated by minions of Chemosh.
-In the following purfication of the Temple, Aurora steals 2 Soul Orbs from the Seeker vault.
-Archmages Crystal, Caliah and Aurora travel to the Temple of Light and beseech Kiri-Jolith for his Blood for the Bloodsword.
-The Archmages kill first the fake Champion in Lemish, then the real Champion at Icewall and agree to return to the Temple in the morning.
~~~~~ Tower Feud~~~~~
-Lunitari sensing the change in Aurora, sends her back in time to the Tower of the Stars before it was ravaged by the Orb of Istar and attempts to persuade her to not undertake this alone.
-Annoyed by Lunitaris interference, Nuitari attacks Archmagus Crystal and starts the Tower war between the two Orders.
-With her secret out, Aurora dons the Black Robes.
-Aurora and Crystal travel to the Inn of Last Home, Crystal not knowing about Nuitari's declaration against the Red Robes.
-Aurora drugs Crystal then traps her soul inside a soul orb, then teleports it to Xandra to give to Nuitari.
-Unable to attack Aurora due to the captured Archmage, Lunitari leaves in a rage.
-Caliah gains the Blood of Kiri Jolith alone to stop Aurora from being able to create the Bloodsword.
-The Knights begin to regather the materials needed to create their own Bloodsword.
-Solinari visits Aurora and publically strips her of his gifts.
-Xandra agrees to return the favour and protect Aurora until she can regain her full strength.
-The Tower of Wayreth is attacked. In the attack, Nuitari releases Crystal to help defend the Tower.
-After the attack, Crystal is given the choice to either hide as a Black Robe temporarily or return to the orb. She chooses the latter, much to Aurora's amusement.
-Nuitari shows... compassion and releases Crystal to Caliah.
-Crystal states a no retribution policy against Aurora and the Black Robes to end the feud.
-An unknown entity attempts to enter the world, but is stopped through the combined powers and teamwork of Archmages Crystal, Caliah and Aurora.
~~~~~~Defeat of champaign~~~~~
-Archmages Crystal, Caliah and Aurora travel to Newports to meet with the Grandmaster of the Knight of Solamnia to agree to make only one Bloodsword.
-Grandmaster Zula agrees to wield the Bloodsword, despite any effects it may cause on him.
-The ritual for the Bloodsword begins with the help of the 3 Archmages, Lunitari and Nuitari.
-Champaign mobilizes her forces to stop the ritual.
-During the ritual, the Egg is snatched and broken, destroying the ritual.
-Nuitari encourages Aurora to travel mommentarily back in time to recover the/a egg, which in doing so, drains her of strength.
-The ritual is completed with the help of Archmages Faylin and Calous Caine.
-The group of Heroes and Archmages, travel around to various cities, with the help of the gods, to stop Champaigns forces.
-The group eventually finds and faces Champaign in the heart of Palanthus city.
-In the following fight, Grandmaster Zula smites Champaign with the Bloodsword, killing both her and himself.
- ~Secret entry~
- Nuitari asks both Faylin and Aurora to return to the Tower to speak to Archmage Calous Caine.
-Calous Caine relinquishes his title of Head of the Black Robes and gives it to Aurora, as Faylin refuses it.

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Aurora Star story recap
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