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 Of fate and sacrifice.

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PostSubject: Of fate and sacrifice.   Sat Sep 10, 2011 12:27 pm

Aerelith carefully closes an ancient tome, sliding her hand carefully up the fore edge to ensure none of the pages dog ear. She lifts the tome to her face and breathes deeply. The smell of old leather, paper, and dust overwhelms her olfactory receptors and leaves her in a momentary state of euphoria. She examines it closer, sliding a finger carefully down the spine feeling each raised band before setting the book down gently on the desk before her. She had spent the last four months preparing for this moment. Now she had a decision to make that should not be taken lightly.

She stopped a moment and looked about her laboratory. It was a small windowed room on the 4th floor of the wayreth tower, perhaps 100 square feet in size in the shape of a pie slice. The flat stone walls were lined with book shelves except for a door shaped cut-out in the wall. Her desk sat askance in the room, back to the rounded wall with enough room for her ornate chair. To the right of the desk stands a candelabra who's flames provide a gentle flickering light to read by. To the left is a workbench, upon which several unique artifacts can be seen in various states of assembly. Further left is a chest which one could safely assume contains valueables. A tapestry hangs over the window bearing a red crest with a gilded lion, and the wood floor is partially covered by an ornate throw rug of elven origin.

She took time to reflect on how had she gotten here. It had taken a lifetime of sacrifice to get to this point.

Aerelith's first memories were as an orphan in the port city of Flotsam. Life at the orphanage was not easy. She had to share a room with six other girls, and during hard times the orphanage had difficulty keeping food on the table.

Aerelith always knew she was different. There were times that she was able to see creatures on the etherial plane, but at the time she didn't know what it meant or how she was able to do it. She was told they were imaginary friends. It was normal to have imaginary friends, wasn't it? But she was not imagining it - somehow she knew it.

As was customary, at age 13 Aerelith was cast out from the orphanage to fend for herself. Like most children from her circumstance she turned to the street urchin lifestyle - living in alley ways and stealing food to survive. The veil of innocence lifted, she quickly learned her station in life and the difference between "haves" and "have nots".

It was during this time that she first began to understand her gifts - and it came in handy. Tapping into the raw energies of creation, Aerelith discovered she could enact her will on reality and move objects without touching them. Telekinesis as she would later learn it was called. Apples suddenly rolled off of fruit carts to her feet. Trinkets and baubles lept out of pockets of countless unknowing victims. But it only took one knowing victim to change her life forever.

That fateful day, Aerelith had attempted to pilfer a trinket from a man wearing a flowing robe. The object lept out of his pocket and rolled down the street and around the corner to where Aerelith was waiting. She reached down and grabed the bauble.. a quaint gold bracelet. Where her hand touched the object however, a red light flared up nearly blinding her and she found she could not let go of the bracelet. Suddenly the bracelet began to pull against her. She desperately fought to release the bracelet and tugged to keep from being drug down the street by this cursed item to no avail.

The bracelet pulled her along like a chained prisoner for six blocks and deposited her at the steps of a wizarding tower. The door opened and the robed man stood before her.

Aerelith was terrified. She had grown up listening to the horror stories of mages - their corruption - the devestation caused when they detonated the towers of high sorcery - the terrible things they could do to her. She went into a full panic attack and passed out from hyperventilation.

Aerelith awoke in a cold, dark, windowless room. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust. "Had she been killed?", she wondered. "Was she was about to be judged by Chermosh?" Before she could consider the answer to these questions she heard the rustle of robes come approach from her left.

"Your awake.", the robed man asked. "Nice parlor trick you did out there. Next time you might want to profile your mark a bit more before striking. Thank you for returning my... bauble.", said the man as he lit the candellabra with a snap of his fingers.

"What are you going to do with me?", Aerelith sobbed.

"Its not what I am going to do with you that you should be concerned about, Dear." replied the man. "Its what you are going to do *for* me."

His reply sent chills up Aerelith's spine. Aerelith mustered up all the courage she had left and said defiantly, "And if I choose not to?"

The robed man smiled wickedly. "I have placed a geas upon you. You have no choice but to comply unless you wish die a slow and agonizing death."

What courage Aerelith had mustered was gone. Her shoulders slumped and she began to weep.

"Yes... get all those tears out of you now for your life starts anew in the morning as my apprentice." the man said. "You've just had your first lesson - though you probably do not yet fully understand its meaning. Just know this - the art has brought us together, my dear primal sorceror. Just like the geas upon you compells you to comply, so too has fate brought you to me. To resist will only bring you pain and suffering. But the road will not be easy. I will train you, but remember this: Arcane knowledge always requires a sacrifice. You will come to understand this and you will relish in it, for nothing of any worth is easy to obtain."

Aerelith snapped back to the present. She remembered that first lesson vividly. Though she didn't quite understand it at the time. However, with every spell when the primal energies of creation course though her body and give her that momentary glimps of exaulted state (that fleeting moment of orgasmic sensation) before leaving her drained and exhausted she is reminded.

Today, however, she was about to risk it all. After this, she might never taste that euphoria again. "This was fate", she thought. "The road is not easy, but resistance will only bring with it pain and suffering".

She went to the trunk in her room and pulled out some items. A needle. An ornate and jagged dagger. Some bones and a bit of cotton string. She set these items on her workbench and returned to her desk where she grabed a scroll. She checked it over, ensuring the details were precisely transcribed. She could ill afford a mistake here. She took a moment to consider and thought to herself, "thankfully there is no somatic requirement."

"Its time", she thought. She took the dagger in her hand and wispered the draconic incantation. The energies surged through her body... perhaps for the last time. Aerelith tried to relish this feeling for as long as she could in case it was the last taste of it she ever had. The dagger glowed red. She hesitated a moment before plunging the dagger into her left armpit. The dagger tore slopily into the flesh and crashed aginst her humerus. The pain was intense. She continued to saw at her arm socket as blood rained from her now partially severed arm. Each stroke of the blade was intense. She struggled to keep from passing out from the pain with every ounce of her will. Finally the arm fell lifelessly from he shoulder. Quickly, Aerelith thread the needle one handed. She had to close up the wound before she bled out to unconciousness. She sloppily sewed the skin together and this staunched the bleeding a bit.

"This had better work.", thought Aerelith through the pain. Her mind was becomming fogged and she fought to keep her senses. "I don't think I could live withough the ability to work the somatic components of spells."

She took the bones upon the table now and arranged them. It became obvious now that these were human remains, and as she lay them upon the table the took the shape of an arm. "Hello Mother." Aerelith said to the bones. "I don't know why you had abandoned me back then, but I have found you now - well what is left of you at any rate. We will not be apart any longer."

She now grabbed the scroll and wispered the incantation. The room flashed a sickly green color. The bones on the table began to raise. Aerelith felt the magic coursing through her once again... it was working... but it was draining her quickly. She fought to hold on to her concentration as consciousness waxed and waned. The bones came together and latched to eachother with sinnewy fleshy tendins. It then approached her recently amputated arm and latched correctly into her arm socket. It was the last thing she saw as the room went away like a tunnel and she faded into the realm of the unconscious. Her last thought before falling limply to the floor was of masters wicked grin.
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Of fate and sacrifice.
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