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 Tales whispered in the Taverns of Abanasinia

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PostSubject: Tales whispered in the Taverns of Abanasinia   Sun Sep 11, 2011 9:46 pm

Who knows where such stories come from but there is more than one tale now of a mysterious girl in red and her proximity to the fresh corpses of murder victims. The victims themselves have been of ill repute and may have in fact been killed by one of their many enemies - or maybe this girl... well, that is how such stories go.

In any case, the killer has left a calling card on each victim: a single red rose. It is thought that the girl in red (a red hood and cloak) who the locals are beginning to refer to as "Little Red Hood" may be leaving the roses - but there has not - as yet - been any eye witnesses to the actual killings.

So the story goes.

BD *puffs*
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Tales whispered in the Taverns of Abanasinia
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