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 Queen's Gambit

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PostSubject: Queen's Gambit   Sun Sep 18, 2011 3:05 am

//OOC: Please note that the RP information shared here is not IC knowledge for your PC unless your character was there to witness these events.

Aerelith had played a few games of chess in her time. The infinite strategy and patterns that play out on that little board of 64 squares were something of a hobby. She tried to imagine the pieces on the board as if they were some kind of personality. Each had its station, and the lowliest and most common of those stations belonged to pawn.

It was the pawns mission to be placed in harms way... offered up as sacrifice to gain position or a material lead. The most famous of these offered sacrifices is popularly known as the Queen's Gambit - an opening move where white symbolically offers a pawn to black in order to gain position. Fate would have it that this analogy would mirror real life more accurately than one could have imagined.

Aerelith was minding her own business in Haven. She had just finished visiting a shop when she came across a group of seekers having a discussion. Having caught the tail end of the conversation, Aerelith became curious when one of the seekers mentioned running an experiment. Before she could inquire, an abomination of the shoriken grove appeared.

Aerelith realized quickly this was more than a chance sighting. She quickly left for the Tower of High Sorcery to speak with the master of the Tower, Par Salin. She could see the concern upon his face as she described in detail the events that transpired in Haven, and spoke with the new head of the conclave, Crystal. Par Salin sent Crystal to investigate with Aerelith, which proved to be unnecessary. Crystal was already aware of the source of the grove guardian and why it was in Haven, for she had already learned that Calous had returned and had entered the Tower in Palanthas.

This news came as a shock to Aerelith. The former head of the order of black robed mages had returned, and further more he had managed to subdue the cursed tower in Palanthas. She quickly returned to Par Salin.

"Master of the Tower," she said calmly, "... again I request your audience."

"Yes dear?" he replied.

"I have learned that someone has indeed attempted to reopen the tower in Palanthas", she stated in stoic fashion.

"Mmm, this is troubling... if that is the case then the person is either dead... or has succeeded."

"It was a mage appropriately named 'Calous', Tower master" she said respecfully.

"Oh..." said Par Salin, "The black robe who was once head of his order... but vanished some weeks back. Curious." He stroked his beard as he thought about the implications.

"Archmage Crystal seems to be confident he has succeeded", she retorted.

"I wonder if he was successful... hrm. Perhaps you should seek out this man, and maybe keep an eye on him for us" suggested the Tower Master.

Aerelith considered this idea for a moment. "Hmm... it could be risky... what's in it for me?"

"Perhaps his knowledge? Who knows what he is doing there or what secrets he has uncovered in that forgotten place?"

It was tempting... too tempting. To do this for Par Salin was more than dangerous... it was in all liklihood suicidal. To accept was to be a pawn in Par Salin's game of chess - white versus black. But the power... if she could become his apprentice... who can imagine the secrets that would be imparted upon her?

Her resolution was final. "I will do what you ask. I shall seek out Calous and should the gods see fit to spare me I will report back to you upon the next night of the eye."

With that, Aerelith left immediately for Palanthas. After some time she cought up with the Archmage Calous in the great Library where they could talk privately.

She had some time to think about the tact she was going to use in this conversation. The man no doubt has seen all manner of whelp come to eat the scraps from his table where he feasts upon magic. She would have to make a convincing ploy here if she was to have even a chance of becoming his apprentice.

"This location is quiet enough, I think" said Aerelith to the Archmage.

"Yes" he replied.

Wearing the best mask of confidence she could muster, Aerelith began her pitch. "So let me get straight to the point. The old fool Salin has sent me to spy on you."

Lets face it... it was the best tact. She needed to grab his attention in a big way, and she was certain this would get it.

"I see..." replied Calous coldly, "did he wish you dead?"

"I think he fears you... and rightfully so. And perhaps he did want to eliminate me as well."

Calous smirked and then inspected her closer for a long moment with a curious expression on his face.

It was time to sell it now, Aerelith realized. "That said... this could work to both of our... advantage.", she continued.

Calous's face betrayed nothing. He replied coldly, "I am listening..."

"I could do Salin's task... or so he would think. I'll report back to him with some minor details, but in essence, lead the fool into a false sense of confidence. He'll likely not send any other spies while he believes he has a plant."

Calous contined to listen, carefully eyeing Aerelith as she continued her pitch.

"In exchange... all I ask is that I be given an opportunity to learn."

That was it... all her cards were on the table... now it was time to trust in the hands of fate. Calous seemed to make up his mind and he replied.

"Did you know... that people can withstand vast amounts of pain... before they die? That they can be skinned alive... and it not kill them... hrm?"

Aerelith rubbed her skeletal arm as though it could feel the comfort of her fleshy hand. It could not, but she knew something of being skinned alive. "I am aware.", was all she could muster the courage to say. A bead of sweat formed on her forehead.

"Do you know... how I killed the man who was head of the black robes... before I took the seat for a short time...?"

"Par Salin told me that of you, yes." Aerelith swallowed nervously, still managing to hold her wits about her.

"Oh... what did he say? Did he tell you how... I nailed him to the sky... stripped him... of his power... and then reduced him to nothing but... dust... with but two spells and without... uttering... a single... word?"

"He was not so graphic in his description, but he spoke of the ease in which you dispatched your shalafi.", she replied.

"If... you are permitted to study under me... then know that I will be watching you... every moment."

Aerelith nodded. "I would expect nothing less."

"And if you should fail in any task I give... well... I have many ideas for new... experiments. Trust me... there are far wose things than death. Now go back to your tower. I will contact you when I have decided..." he snapped.

Releif welled over Aerelith as she collected herself and left. "Very well... thank you for the consideration" she said as she made for the portal back to the Tower in Wayreth. That had gone about as well as could be expected under the circumstance.

She began this turn as a pawn for the White robed mage Par Salin, and offered as a sacrifice in an opening move of chess.

"Queen's Gambit Accepted" she said to herself as she sat down in front of her spellbook at her desk back in her lab. Never have the stakes in a game of chess been higher.
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Queen's Gambit
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