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 Do these Scripts Work here?

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PostSubject: Do these Scripts Work here?   Tue Oct 18, 2011 3:49 pm

it_close_05s - This will close any door or container after 5 seconds after it is opened. To use place it in the On Open event of your placeable. BTW: the 0 in the name is a ZERO not an OH. People who like to have a bit more time can also use:
They do what you expect them to.

it_lock_onclose - Will lock a door or container when it closes - Use in the OnClose event of the placeable (or door).

it_bench_use - Allows two characters to sit on the one bench. Place in the On Use event of your placeable.

p_use_freedrink - Allows for free drinks to be dispensed. This script can be finetuned using variables. If you don't do anything, it gives ale. If you want another drink, set the variables of the "string" type:
- sBevname: determines what is showed in "*[Character] pours [drink name]*"
- sBevtag: The following options are available: freeale (Ale), mead (Mead), stomachcrusheral (StomachCrusher Ale), dungartpaleale (Dungart Pale Ale), thuddsspecialbre (Thudd's Special Brew), yokfruitliqueur (Yokfruit Liqueur), Tendrilchablis (Tendril Chablis), netherfordshiraz (Netherford Shiraz), tulanpurespringw (Tu'Lan Pure Springwater)

x2_plc_used_sit - Allows a char to sit on something. In some cases this may look weird and it can be preferable to use an invisible object instead.

ats_tcan_onclose - Put this script in the On Close event of a placeable with an inventory to turn it into a trash can. NB: you also need to change it conversation to "ats_c_trash" (in the Advanced tab)

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Do these Scripts Work here?
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