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 Updates for every one to talk about....

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PostSubject: Updates for every one to talk about....   Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:26 am

Hi every one. Zeboim thought be nice to give every one a chance to chip there thoughts of add on to the server. I liked the idea so am making this a public topic.

Here what was talked about and like some feed back on what every one thinks.

1) On the rest menu have a option for haste to be turned on or off ( no items required ) This one I myself really like.

2) A power boost based on your chars aliment, This of course would need greater details to be talked about. ( Its almost like a NWN 2 option when picking a deity and you gain certain things from them. )

3) One player asked about a device that lets you see other lvl's and classes and location to help form party's. I seen this on other server's my self. And can be limited to how much info is gained. And the option is there if want on the list or not or how much info is gained.

So please let post here what you all think and chip in idea's like see added.

Keep in mind that we want to avoid extra hak's that every one needs to down load to play
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PostSubject: Re: Updates for every one to talk about....   Fri Feb 05, 2010 1:30 pm

Here are my feelings on these improvements, for what they are worth:

1- Having the ability to walk into some situations would definitely be an advantage vs. to running, say into a room full of enemies. So yes, that would be a great addition to the rest menu.

2- I'm not familiar with this possibility though I have played NWN2. I never picked a deity, since I didn't know the advantages of that option when I began the game. To that end, I don't have an opinion on this one.

3- This would be a great option to be able to form a party. As you say, there will need to be restrictions on the information, I suppose. Knowing a player's alignment would be helpful (not inviting a good player into a evil party) but that knowledge could be abused too (an uber evil character hunting down a mediocer character). So some caution must be exercised on this one.

Another consideration might be a time-of-day clock or indication. I now have a vampire toon so it would nice to know if the sun is up before venturing outside. Is there some indication already running that would tell me the time of day? Maybe I just have missed it.
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PostSubject: Re: Updates for every one to talk about....   Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:22 pm

nwn has a built in clock already. hover your mouse over the compass in the bottom right corner and you can see the clock. as for the daylight vs night hours for vamps, you are safe to be outside from about hour 18-6. if you are outside and the hour is 5, it is time for you to start seeking shelter or you may wind up being killed by the sun.
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PostSubject: Re: Updates for every one to talk about....   

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Updates for every one to talk about....
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