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 Palanthas and Neraka

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PostSubject: Palanthas and Neraka   Thu Dec 08, 2011 7:04 am

The two former capitals of both the Kos and the Da, were besieged by a strange group of green skinned creatures of the likes Krynn has never seen before. These creatures showed strength and strategy as they used supreme numbers and magic which has never been seen on Krynn before to take the two capital cities, leaving both the Kos and Da severely depleted man and power wise. For now, both groups seem to be trying to reorganize from the blow, perhaps even trying to figure out what exactly happened, and how these creatures got there, let alone appeared with in the fortified cities while others of them attacked from with out.

The green skins have not left the two cities as of yet, they have only fortified them, making the walls thicker, taller, and more gruesome. The dead have been used to aid in the mortar for the stones on the walls, and thus the fallen with twisted expressions of horror seem to scream out warding off any travelers who would visit these two cities.
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Palanthas and Neraka
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