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 invasion of the body snatcher Slimes

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PostSubject: invasion of the body snatcher Slimes    Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:46 am

Was a clear day in Solace. D Ste'tnen and Allionr Shadowsong where exchanging greetings, when both spotted a rather odd sight. There was a some kind of ooze moving close to them. Both young men stopped to watch as moved around. Allionr watched as the ooze moved over his boot leaving slime covered.

Has they watched it move around it spoke. "Hi" it said. both looked at each asking the same question did that thing just speak?

D gave out a word of caution when Allionr reached down and poked the ooze. To both there surprise a face formed with eyes and a mouth. It spoke again saying "that hurt".

Both young men asked it a few questions and learned that it and a few others have escaped from and Laboratory. We asked who and it gave a name of a female Black Robe mage.

The ooze looked around as a person was walking pass is shifted its self around and went on crawled up on the to the person and seem to melt into them. The person then turned and looked at them both and said, "That is much better having limbs and all"

Both looked shocked. Not knowing what to think or do. D asked if it could do that to any one anytime.

The person simple said yes i think we all can. And the man walked away.

Allinor didnt say much and walked off, D when in side the in and spotted his friend Amedria. He quickly when up to her and asked her who he was. She had been drinking a bit and looked at D oddly.

She answered him and asked why the odd question. While D was explaing the event that took place out side a woman dressed in all black sat at a table near them. As has speaking of the ooze the mage made a remark that made D turn to her.

"Are you the one that the ooze spoke of?" as he walked over to her. She simple smiled and said, "there inelegance has grown." D asked quick "how many escaped from your lab?" And she shrugged and said was not sure.

"Is there way to find out who is being controlled by one?" She looked to D, "Only if I can capture one controlling someone and study how they are combined. Beyond that no." She took a drink from her mug.

"They cant take on the personality of the person they take over." She sets down her mug said good bye and vanished into thin Air.

// So beware Krynn who you talk to they may not be who they appear to be affraid

// This event is being run by DM -Kyra_Woc
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invasion of the body snatcher Slimes
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