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  Denthanus - Blue Dragon Awakened

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PostSubject: Denthanus - Blue Dragon Awakened    Tue Dec 27, 2011 12:08 am

//OOC This is an application/bio story for a Blue Dragon character. I hope that this is the right section. Anyways enjoy.

A blue dragon sleeps deeply within a large cave letting time flow. A dragon who fought in the name of his goddess Takhisis he was a nameless beast who was expended as soldier's mount a soldier who betrayed him to save his puny life. The War of the Lance that had ended not too long aftwards left him extremely battered and bruised so he hide himself away to heal.

As he slept the world continued without him, forgetting him completely. He woke up several time and listened to the sounds of the world though nothing interested him so he went back to sleep. During his sleep suddenly he felt a stirring in his cooling blood and he hear a voice in his heart. "Denthanus awaken. You have slept long enough. Come rejoin my ranks. I COMMAND IT!!!!"

"That voice." Denthanus said to himself. "My mistress has finally come for me."

"Yes I have come. Now get up before I punish you. I have not fogotten what you did last time you was in my service!!" Suddenly Denthanus felt pain surging throughout his entire body. He roared in pain as he thrashed about wanting the pain to go away. "I apologize my queen for my error in judgement." He said still thrashing about. "As before my blood, my life, and my very soul is yours to command."

"Of course they are." Takhisis laughed. "Now i remember why i didn't kill you on the spot when you defied me." The pain suddenly subsided. Still trembling slightly Denthanus made his way to the entrance of his cave. Takhisis's voice said to him faintly. "I will be watching. Don't dissapoint me again."

Denthanus finally made to the entrance of his cave, which was blocked by a pile of boulders. With a great bound he rammed the boulders and a he was immedialy hit with the smell of goblins. "The outter caves must have been overtaken by those filthy beasts." Denthanus's eyes gleamed. "While they are somewhat vile tasting. I am hungry and they are conveniently place here for me." At that exact moment a rather large goblin appeared from around the corner finding himself face to face with Denthanus.

"Hello little one." Denthanus growled. Before the goblin could even blink Denthanus snapped his head forward and engulfed his prey. Not wanting his first meal being to tasteless he swallowed the goblin without chewing. Licking his lips he said to himself, "Let the banquet begin." Denthanus stretched all of his limbs and moved towards the smell of the other goblins.

//OOC Even if i don't get the spot i hope you guys enjoyed the story. As soon as i get some rp done with Gart I'll get his story posted.
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Denthanus - Blue Dragon Awakened
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