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 The solitude of justice

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PostSubject: The solitude of justice   Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:54 am

Flames were dancing in the night like the tongue of a snake. Screams resounded through out Silvanost and women, men, and children ran in all different directions. Looking out of his window Sywyn's heart was racing. He had no idea what was going on and it seemed like chemosh was reaching out of the underworld to pull him down. WIthout warning a face slammed into his window, the startle threw him from his stool and on to his back. After rubbing the pain away he stood up to see the face frozen in horror stuck to his window. This was the frist dead body Sywyn had ever seen.

"Sywyn! Sywyn!," the voiced called from him pleading for help. The voice was feminine in nature and originated from his sister.

"Sywyn! Sywyn!," something was wrong. The poetic voice of his sister tured into a gruff, rigid voice.

"SYWYN!," Sywyn felt the sensation of falling and right as he was about to hit ground he woke with a start to find himself on the floor of the Inn of last Home. Otik stood over him offering a hand to get him off the floor.

"If ye need a place to sleep Sywyn, rent a room," Demanded Otik

"My appologies was a rough day," Appologized Sywyn

"Well drinking wine and sleeping on a stick table ain't gonna make things any better,"

"Yeah, you are right....I should get a room,"

"What was it Sywyn....I saw you in here earlier....talking to Allinor and his wife. I could have swore they were gonna rip yer head off. Almost got the freeloaders to break you up," Said Otik as he motioned to the Solace guards by the bar.

"It's.....It's nothing Otik, Just a disagreement is all,"

"Well you best be careful Sywyn, I you anger the wrong people....,"

"I know Otik...I know," Interrupted Sywyn

Sywyn handed Otik a small stack of coins and was given a room key. The evening was still young, but Sywyn never really kept time all the closely. He just knew he was tired and needed to lay down. WIth the nightmare still fresh in his mind he sluggishly made his way to his room. He removed his armor and sat at the desk to perform his nightly ritulal. Out of his sack he retireved a worn quill and a bottle of ink with streaks of dried black ink down the side. After setting the writing tools on the table he reached in his sack to pulled out a crumpled parchment.

Entry 153

Yet another disagreement with Allinor and his wife. This is all getting very old, but they just don't see things the way I do. I can understand the desire to protect one's family....the gods know I would have done anything to save my sister...and my father. Summer said to me that I know nothing of sacrifice....If she only knew what I have been through...perhaps she would understand. I am truely happy the Allinor and Summer have came back to the light....but any blind man can see he is still a conflicted soul. His band of friends and family have formed a bond so strong they cannot see what is right in front of their face. To be honest...I am a bit envious of them. I have not had a bond so strong since....since the nightmare took over my homeland. I wish I could find a bond so strong, but my vow to protect those who cannot protect seems to be a lost concept these days. Perhaps it's just me, but it seems as though everyone is only out for themselves and what they hold dare and have no consideration for what their actions may do to the already delicate balance.

I still worry about D though...he had a monment of weakness, as he likes to call it...that made him drink from his wife. The shear idea of this is rather....morbid is suppose. I just don't think I could ever ask my wife to let me feed off her. She was gone by the time D came back...My only hope is that she wasn't murdered. I have doubts that is the case as the two seem very much in love, but the idea of having a vampire so close to me still sends chills up my back. I try to put on a brave face...but the fact remains is that I am constatly fearful...fearful of what these...vampires...will do...fearfull that another brother will lose his sister to a man who tried to control a power he could not.

The day wasn't all bad though, I saw the commander again today...I guess she followed me VIngaard. She can move with surprising stealth. I had already fought to get into the keep, but I was more than welcoming of her aid as we swept the rest of the keep. We dealt a major blow to Takhisis today...and killed at least 100 soilders. I guess it's kind of a small victory in the big picture....but big pictures are made up of smaller ones. Something strange happened afterwards though. She offered me anything I desired as a reward...I thought she was just trying to thank me for a job well done...but I think there was more context to her offer. I was a fool not to pick up on it...and I'm pretty sure I offended her...I just hope I can make it right.

Until then...It seems at though My destiny is leading me down a path of solitude.
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The solitude of justice
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