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 Ziggy's Sacrifice

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PostSubject: Ziggy's Sacrifice   Fri Jan 13, 2012 2:00 am

entry 1

Today is my frist day writing in this journal. A friend told me it was a good place to record my feelings. I think I will be inclined to agree. It's nice to have an escape from it all, an escape from the feeling of impatience and hopelessness in finding my family. But, I was given an opportunity to forget about it for a few days. An old man in solace asked for aid. This is a chance for me to forget myself and work for the greater good. He seeks a vial, inside this vial is a smokey substance that belonged to Morgion, but needed delivered to Sirron. I offered my aid along with two others, Gunther of the red robe mage order, and a Monk....I never did get that monks name.

Gunther thought that we may need a strong party. You know what they say, Strength in number. There are a couple guys I know from the temple that I've actually gotten to know and like. It's hard to be forced into service of the Seekers, but at least William and Colton make it bearable. I keep telling myself that I only need to stick it out until my family is found. But, I'm getting off subject. My comrades are waiting for me to get back to Solace with William and Colton it's best not to keep this task waiting.

Entry 2

We made it to the desert. I forgot how much I hated the sand. I went to eat some rations, but I forgot to make sure they were covered. It was like eating a handful of sand.

Gunther says the temple is close....we have already cut through legions of undead.....Chemosh spared no expense in protecting this area. What ever is in this vial must be incredibly important.

William was telling me about his wife and child earlier...they had a picnic on a hill. I miss those days with my family, I hope that I will be getting those days back real soon. Colton seems jelous, instead of a strong boy he has two girls. But he loves them none the less.

Seems we are ready to move on

Entry 3

I am worried....we made it through the temple and found what we were looking for, but Colton and William got serprated. They are both strong fighters and capable of handling themselves, but I still worry that there families will never see them again. Perhaps I am biased because I have been to that dark place when you lose your family.

I find myself a bit greatful that we found a kender on the way to bring with use. it was his keen eyes that found the vial in the first place. Then again, perhaps he found it because he was eye level with it.

I hear the cracking of bones and clanking of steel, we need to get moving before more reinforcements arrive

Entry 4

Great news! We found William and Colton, they were hurt pretty bad, but my companions and I were able to bring them back from the brink of death. That is a good thing because if I done die out here, their wives will kill me when I return if they aren't with me. I'm just glad their children don't have to grow up without fathers.

On a different note, the old man managed to make his way all the way out to the desert to meet us. It turns out that the vial we were sent to retrieve contained a poison variant of a disease created by Morgion. We need to get it to Sirron quickly so a cure can be created. We must not delay any further. After we are done resting we will move on

Entry 5

A bad thing happened today....were were waylayed by Morgion on our way to Esker to give the poison to Sirron. Gunther was bearing the vial....he was going to give it back to Morgion. I had to take it....It was the worse feeling to take his life after what he did for me. He scryed my family to let me know they were okay. But I couldn't let him give this poision back to Morgion....I had to take it.

The monk that came with use, he had raise scrolls...I can only hope that he rose the fallen comrade. If not then I am sorry for having to take his life....there was no other way. I tried to talk him out of giving the vial back...but he just wouldn't listen. Vidar is going to be made if the tower comes after the seekes for what I've done. But I am within my terms of agreement because I did not harm a seeker. In fact, William and Colton helped me take the vial. I broke off from the monk, I know they will be after me...they are working for Morgion now

We have got to keep moving. They will be right behind me I'm sure.

Entry 6

*blood splatters would blur some of the words but the most is still legible*

This mission...It took a lot from me. Allinor showed first I thought I was fortunate to run into an ally here is esker...but by the gods was I wrong. There is something about him...something cold and devoid of feeling. I think he has finally succomb to the darkness...he took their lives....William's...Colton's. The bastard Murdered my friends. He didn't even have the decency to give them an honorable death on the battlefield...he cut the ropes to the bridge and smirked as my two companions fell to a watery death.

There is a rage inside of me when I think about it. William's wife...their son...what was I going to tell them. How will I be able to look into that little boys eyes and tell him that his father will never be coming home. Colton's wife...she was pregnant with his third kid. I found his journal...he had high hopes of it being a boy this times. I knew he had daughters...but I didn't know they were twins..twins who had a birthday coming up on just a few days. What a birthday gift they will get this year.

This rage has me damning Allinor's name. All I can think of is taking his wife from him so he fully understands what William and Colton's wife and family will be going through. I felt this rage before....just before I was sentenced as a traitor of the knights. I worry about my sanity...last time I felt this rage...I joined the forces of evil.

This all happened after I got rid of the vial...there was no reason for him to even do this. I knew I wasn't going to be able to fight my way out of the cave...even with William and Colton as my side. I would have had to slay Gunther, Allinor, and the winged monk. Willam and Colton were still to unseasoned for those kind of I did the only thing i could think of. I ingested the whole vial. As a paladin I am blessed with divine health...dieases have no affect on me. But this...this was something else. I felt every symptom of this poision as it entered my system. with a pray to the gods I was able to push the disease back, but I don't know for how long.

That is when alinor killed my comrades as i was leaving the cave. I should have slain him then and there...but I was too weak....he eventually left...but I cannot forget how he murdered my comrades. The worst part is Morgion still rewarded him with the cure for his family. He wasn't even victorious, I became the vial...the disease was still in me. All I had to do was get to Sirron's servent. However, the mage, Gunther, was intent on keeping me in the cave so i didn't infect anyone. I..I had to kill him...but nobody was around to bring him back this time. I hope he was saved..I didn't want to have to kill him..not as much as I want to kill Allinor. But, in times of conflict there are ever only two side will always win...I just happened to be on the winning side.

I finally made it to sirron's cave. Then the old man showed up. I was in a rage because before he died...Gunther said the old man was working for Morgion the whole time. I couldn't help myself....I nearly tossed him into the fire. I held his head so close to the fire I could smell his hair burning. I...I almost threw him in the fire. The worse part was that he was innocent. Gunther had lied to me. I almost too the life of an innocent man. I feel myself slipping everyday...I feel the old rage building up. Now I find myself blaming the world because I have been poisioned by whatever was in this vial and sirron's servant doesn't think there is a cure for this agonizing illness. At least I cannot expose anyone else...unless they drink my blood. I believe this is a test on how far I will go to protect innocent lives. Perhaps this is a test from the gods to test how much of myself I am willing to sacrifice. What scares me the most is.......I think I might fail
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Ziggy's Sacrifice
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