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 Petition for Entry to the Order of the Sword

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Petition for Entry to the Order of the Sword Empty
PostSubject: Petition for Entry to the Order of the Sword   Petition for Entry to the Order of the Sword I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 05, 2010 9:34 pm

To the High Council,

It is only after much reflection and prayer that I now submit my petition for entry into the Order of the Sword. To date, I have spent the majority of my life training in the martial arts, focusing my study on the implementation of the measure of the Crown Knight and honing my ability with the blade. For a time, though I am shamed to admit it, I had lost my faith in my fellow man.

Yet by the grace of Paladine I found companions, who, through their honor, restored my broken faith. As good redeems its own, so was I redeemed through the love shown to me. In this, I feel called to continue my journey.

I have spent some time learning the measure of the Sword Knight, and I understand that faith is one of the foundations. As it pertains to courage and heroism, I would like to believe that I have shown both, though it is difficult for me to speak of such things with respect to myself, as it is for all of us who understand that our deeds are only made possible by the strength that is lent to us by the ones we serve.

Be that as it may, the Measure still requires us to chronicle our deeds to the order for review and judgment. In this, I would humbly submit my own testimony of events that occurred not too long ago.

I was on routine patrol in an area east of Solace when I suddenly ran across a large group of hideous creatures the likes of which I had never heretofore encountered. They came in waves and I eventually tracked them to an underground temple in the middle of some ancient ruins. Here I was attacked by the reptilian minions of the Dark Queen which lead to my belief that these beasts were also servants of Takhisis.

I encountered a group of other travelers which in retrospect turned out to be more followers of Takhisis. I tried to sway one back into the light but it became readily apparent that her shift to the dark was utter and complete when the Dark Queen herself appeared before me and the whole lot of us were whisked away to face a legion of her minions in combat. During the struggle I ran across a mage of the white robes, Lulu, as well as a strong-armed warrior named Sieger. Together we faced wave upon wave of the undead, demons, and all manner of things she sent after us.

Standing together, we were able to slay the entire horde. I believe that throughout this ordeal I heard the voice of Kiri-Jolith himself speaking in my mind, urging me to keep up my sword arm and to aid my fallen comrades. We fought toe to toe for what seemed an eternity until suddenly, the attack was over and the battle won. To this day, I believe that the only reason we were able to survive was because we were watched over by the hand of Kiri-Jolith.

I seek to grow in faith and to continue to serve with courage and honor. With this report, I humbly submit by petition for consideration for entry into the Order of the Sword and patiently await a response.

In the Service of the Triumvirate,

Lord Aurin Velgaard
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Petition for Entry to the Order of the Sword
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