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 Misha's New Priestess

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PostSubject: Misha's New Priestess   Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:16 am

Her mother had Bessie hooked to the plow and was proceeding to furrow the land for the next crop. Amy worked the well pump, bringing water to the bucket underneath. She looked up at the sweltering sun and thought how nice it would be to get the land bent to their wills and get inside in the shade. Amy stood and picked up the now full bucket and walked to the irrigation barrel where she deposited the water. It was ready for her mother to finish.

Of a sudden, Amy heard her mother shout. She turned and beheld Bessie tearing across the field, spooked by something and her mother being dragged right along behind. Amy took off after the scene and was trying to grab a hold of her mother to help stop the run away cow. Suddenly Bessie stopped and the plow pitched forward exposing the blade underneath. Her mother stopped also, falling forward as if in slow motion. Amy reached out to help her but not fast enough.

There was so much blood, Amy thought as she held her mother in her arms. The plow's blade had grazed her mother's side, but it was sharp and her mother was not as young as she once was. Her mother gazed at her daughter, smiling even through the shock and pain. Amy's tears streaked the dirt on her mother's face as she slowly cried.

"Not today my dear." Those soft words cut through Amy's grief sharp as any plow.

"Who is that?" Amy held her mother tighter, fearing the worst.

"Heal her. You have the power through my love, child." The blinding sun was a darkened candle next to the light that shone from the woman standing before Amy in the field. "Reach inside yourself and make her pain go away."

Amy sniffled and gave her mother all the love in her heart and then some. The cold dark feeling in the pit of her stomach changed into a bright comforting lull. Her mother opened her eyes as the wound closed and she sat up. "What did you do love?"

"I made you whole momma. The bright lady told me to and I did it." Amy hugged her mother and they sat there until Bessie came clomping up, almost in apology for the ruckus she had caused.

"Now go and bring my healing love to the world Amy." The lady stood there in all her glory.

"What do I call you?" Amy and her mother still sat there.

"You call her Misha, my darling daughter." Momma smiled and nodded to the lady who nodded back. "You go on now and clean up for dinner. I'll be in soon."

"Alright momma! Bye and thank you Misha!" Amy ran into the house with a feeling within her that would stay with her for years to come.

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Misha's New Priestess
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