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 Announcement to Conclave

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PostSubject: Announcement to Conclave   Wed Feb 22, 2012 6:27 am

To my fellow Brothers and Sisters of Magic,

Today I am formally retiring from the Conclave at Wayreth Tower, My seat for the black robes will be open for any qualifying mage you may have. As for my reasons some are personal and would hardly concern any of you here but I will say I have more pressing matters with my own tower. And as of today I will accept no new mages or allow anyone else entry into my Tower in Palanthas. As for those few that do possess ward stones they are of course permitted to keep them and visit me with any concerns regarding magic here on Krynn.

*She pauses and nods to each head of the three orders respectfully, then continues with her speech*

Do note that rumors are spreading of an incoming invasion of the Greenskins heading towards the Qualinost Forests. I do not think thee invaders will try and attack this tower, they did after all leave my own intact but you may find it of interest that this army possesses mages that DO wear armor and they weld both sword and shield as proficiently as any well trained fighter I have seen. Also note that this does not hamper their ability to cast magic that seems to be in the same level as our own skills currently.
The greenskins invaded 15 years ago and now seem to have a new target, qualinost. And if history has shown us anything they do not care to take prisoners. I will let the conclave now decide if this is a concern for them or not, although I will say any assistance that may be given to the elves will most likely be greatly appreciated but I am sure that will be for the individual mage to determine, possibly a good way for some of the younger members of the tower to earn some coin...and prestige. BUt I must apologize I am rambling on and taking up everyone's valuable time I will only bother you wit hone final detail I have been hearing. It seems that there will be portals opening to new realms here shortly, which means there may be excellent treasures that can also boost our own magic and knowledge. I myself plan on adventuring and I wish any fellow mage or archmage safe travels into what will most likely be dangerous lands. May the moon gods watch over us. Farewell.

*With a wave of her hand Crystal vanishes from the Conclave chambers leaving a small cloud of dust where she had stood only moments before. Once the cloud dissipates her all that is left is her conclave robes folded neatly with her ring and hood on top and her staff laying beside it*

*Crystal sends out her faithful, yet highly annoying pixie to deliver her message to anyone else she has given a ward stone to ensure there are NO new prospects hoping to enter her tower and if anyone cares to look at flyers that are occasionally posted at taverns she leaves a brief message similar to what was spoken to the Conclave of her warnings*

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Announcement to Conclave
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