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 Scouts and Archers in Place

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PostSubject: Scouts and Archers in Place   Wed Feb 22, 2012 7:45 pm

//Dude, did not realize that the Qualinesti was going to be a free for all on the forums LOL. Let us fix this.//

Not too long after the lift of the barricade, social interaction and trade was reconstructed.

Frangwe did some more behind-the-scenes work as well. He went to his most skilled scouts and archers, and asked of them to spread outside the Qualinesti perimeters. Their job was to attain knowledge of anything unusual or a threat, and to report it immediately. On another note, Frangwe kept close ties with the Druids. Realizing that with multiple threats (DA, Black Knights, and Orcs) becoming more of a reality, Frangwe asked of the Druids to send some of their own to the Qualinesti woods to aid in its protection. At the same time, he also made sure to send a few Qualinesti scouts to the Dark Forest in case the Orcs decided to attack elsewhere than the Qualinesti Woods.

Meanwhile the Qualinesti Warriors kept a clear eye (discussed in my previous message) on happenings within the Qualinesti perimeters. Their blades and arrows were kept sharp and at the ready whenever they were needed.

//The lifting of the Barricade was because of other allies needing to move in-and-out more efficiently. Not for the woods to be an attack free for all LOL//
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Scouts and Archers in Place
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