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 Friendship Lost

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PostSubject: Friendship Lost   Fri Feb 24, 2012 2:05 am

After hearing of troubles that the Qualinasti were facing, Mixtli decides to go visit his old friends and offer them help. Upon reaching the bridge crossing Mixtli encounters Frangwe the Marshall of the Elves there and one of his scouts whom promptly keep a bow aimed at his head. After some discussion Franwe consults with the other elf whom has remained hostile to MIxtli's presence the entire duration. He is informed by the elf she will not side with evil and since Frangwe looked to her for an answer Mixtli presumed she was also an authority figure among her people. With some reluctance, and mostly annoyance MIxtli leaves the area after informing them he will not help in any coming battles.

Mixtli spends the rest of the day grumpier than usual and it isnt untl much later he determines the best course of action for himself to take. He will watch and ensure the neighboring forests are left unscathed but he will offer no aid to the elves of the Qualinasti woods. As for any invading orcs that are coming by boat he will ensure his previous efforts of stopping them come to a halt. It come to him with great certainty that his diety would be displeased that her powers were being wasted on ungrateful land dwellers. Wit hhis mind at ease Mixtli makes his way to the shores and flies off over the waters. Using his magic he ensure that all sailors have an easier time making their way to land, the skies above are free of any storm clouds and will remain that way for some time in reflection of Mixtli's mood. He flies by a ship that has some of these greenskins and even manages to give them a friendly wave as he goes by. Fortunately for him reports of his previous attacks have reached the captain of this boat and he is in no mood to anger the druid.

As he flies around for a bit longer he briefly ponders what his father might have done in a situation like this to begin with. It dawns on him that his father would not have been so foolish to have made an alliance with anyone that was so weak willed to begin with. And wit ha sigh he concludes his thought that he is still young and perhaps should have been more of a man when he was younger and listened to the lessons he wasn't willing to learn before. But what is done is done, and it is no longer of any concern to him.
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Friendship Lost
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