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 The Last Link to the Elven Alliance

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PostSubject: The Last Link to the Elven Alliance   Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:16 am

"It Happened!" Frangwe thought to himself as he was heading back to the Qualinesti Woods. What seemed to be the mere impossible was becoming a reality before him. The three elven nations were becoming united as they once were long ago. The Silvanesti have agreed to aid the Qualinesti Woods.

But the task was not fully complete. The final task to attain complete unity among the elves was still to come. Though Frangwe met with the Kagonesti elves and complied to all of their demands, there was one more task asked of him. To meet with the Chief over all the Kagonesti Elves. Chief Eagle may have been one of the leaders, but it was not so much up to him in this decision, but rather rested with another. Frangwe had never met this individual before, and to get to them was apparently no short distance either.

"I will have my people and all our allies know about the aid of the Silvanesti, and then I must prepare for the journey." And so it was. Word reached the ears of all allies to welcome the Silvanesti into the Qualinesti Woods. Marshall Illisrtly of the Silvanesti advised Frangwe to prepare for the green skinned assault to come from the south (considering the city of Haven to the north as well as the narrow bridge passage. Preparations were being put in place for the southern attack, but the other directions were not overlooked. Scouts remained on alert in all directions with orders to report any movements of the enemy if they came upon them. Warriors and archers were put in place at the northern bridge of the Qualinesti (Warriors on the narrow bridge with archers spaced out amongst the land behind in support). A defense was in place. The east and the west were layered in thick, lush forest, of which would take the green skins a long time to get through before nearing the Qualinesti City. Never the less, those that were sneaky, and very versatile in the woods were sent to the east and west to scout and defend if necessary.

Frangwe, though keeping it to himself, was not fully satisfied. In his mind, one more journey had to be made. It was the final 'essential' piece of the puzzle. He gathered his things and spoke to the allied leaders of the other nations that he was seeking the final alliance of the elves. With that, he went once again before the Kagonesti of the Darken Woods and asked for their guidance to their Supreme Chief. They complied. After a distant journey, Frangwe found himself amongst more Kagonesti. Some looked upon Frangwe with anger, while others with curiosity. One thing all the Kagonesti could agree upon, Frangwe was not the typical Qualinesti they have come to know for many years.

It was not long before Frangwe found himself being led before the Chief of the Qualinesti. Frangwe bowed before them but was not to be the first one to speak. Looking up at the chief (of which seemed to him, personally, to be an eternity of silence), waited for them to make their statement.

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The Last Link to the Elven Alliance
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