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 A Letter For Lady Avalia - An Odd Request

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PostSubject: A Letter For Lady Avalia - An Odd Request   Wed Feb 29, 2012 6:14 am

*A letter, written in steady flowing script, is delivered to Lady Avalia at the Temple of Light in Caergoth*

"Dearest High Priestess, I am writing you on behalf of the strangest fellow I have met in my travels through the lands. A large brute of an ogre. Yes, I did say ogre. He calls himself Gruff, and I spoke with him at length regarding the incursions in Elven lands. We travelled a bit together and I got to know him fairly well. I must say Misha's blessings work equally well on ogres as well as Elves and Humans. He is sincere in his desire to help his, as he calls them, friends the 'Elveses'.

He wished to let their leaders know of his intentions to help, but as he does not speak their language, common is also a stretch, he asked if I could speak to them. As I also do not speak their language, I thought of you. If you'd like to meet him, he is usually in Solace near the fountain in Town Square. I promise he is...unique. I have decided he is a friend and his request seems genuine. I do not make this request lightly as I know you are busy but he is an asset willing to fight for what is right.

There always in these things...a caveat. From what I gathered, he has spoken at length with a dark cloaked figure. He says that he sees and speaks with this fellow when he gets 'creamed'. His words not mine. I can only imagine from his description that the God Chemosh has taken in interest in Gruff. I don't know why but it would make sense to try and turn Gruff from this influence. Perhaps you could also help with this. I shall try as well when we travel together.

That's all. Be safe and well in Misha's guiding light,

Amy Truhart
Priestess of Misha"
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A Letter For Lady Avalia - An Odd Request
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