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 Eye On Solace

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PostSubject: Eye On Solace   Thu Mar 01, 2012 3:18 pm

*The scene begins with playful lute music drifting over two highback comfy chairs set on either side of a fireplace dancing with crackling flames. A woman walks in and sits in the right chair, arranging a few pieces of parchment. She looks up and the program begins*

Darcy- “Welcome to another segment of Eye On Solace. I’m Darcy Edgewary and today we look at one of the up and coming stars of Krynn. Help me give a rousing welcome to Gruff!”

*Applause can be heard in the background and a large Ogre enters the scene and carefully sits in the left chair which groans momentarily under his weight*

Gruff- “Tanks Darcy. Youse all da bestest.”

Darcy- “Not a problem Gruff, so how’s going this fine day?”

Gruff- “Gruff happy. Gruff gots to chase cheekens and tickle Sassy tummy. She like dat.”

Darcy- “I’m glad to hear that. Can I ask you a few questions? Our citizens are curious about you”

Gruff- “Yup yup. Dat be fine.”

Darcy- “So what makes Gruff who you are today? When you first ambled into our fair town I’m sure you were a far different pers…I mean Ogre.”

Gruff- “Dat goot one. Gruff member dat first day me come to Solace. Me not speaker like me am today. Gruff was dummer den. Dere be a few peoples dat help Gruff in da early years. Neeba, Nor, Dooki, and now me find new friend Amy. Dem make Gruff feel okeedokee. Gruff also wanna tank Sassy. Dat one fine puppy.”

Darcy- “I see. That’s a great beginning. So speaking of your…um…speaking. How exactly did you become so eloquent?”

Gruff- “Elmokent? Dunno wat dat mean but I can tells you why Gruff not so dum anymore. One day me go an pick fight wit some ugly fellers in red armor. Dem creamed Gruff an me woke up in stinky place. Smell like rotten eggs an hot spicy potatoes. Like dem ones Otik make. Anyhoo, Gruff walk up an see dis feller in black robes talking ta some creepsies.”

Darcy- “I’m sorry to interrupt, creepsies?”

Gruff- “Creepsies, dem stinky fellers come outta da ground and talk about brains. Dem fellers.”

Darcy- “Oh, the undead. He was talking to an undead spirit of some sort?”

Gruff- “Dat wat I said. Creepsies. Anyhoo. Him turn to Gruff an tell me him be specting me. Me scratch me head cause Me was dummer den. Him hand me dis hat.”

*Gruff points to a regular sized helm sitting deep in his grimy head hair. Obviously it was meant for a normal sized-human head. Darcy squints then nods as she sees it.*

Darcy- “I see it. Nice hat.”

Gruff- “Tanks. Him say wit dis hat Gruff not be dum anymore. Him ask if Gruff can do him favor fer da hat. Gruff happy so me say okeedokee. Him get real serious look like dis/”

*Gruff manages to put on the most seriously serious look he can but somehow on an Ogre it looks hilarious. Darcy manages to keep a straight face.*

Gruff- “Him ask me ta make sure any of dem creepsies stays dedders. Me not sure but him go on. Him tells Gruff ta squish dem creepsies when Gruff find em. Gruff likes ta squish so me says okeedokee. Him tells me his name too. Youse wanna know who dat was?”

Darcy- “I think we all would.”

Gruff- “Him says him name be cheemish…cheemosh. Dat it. Cheemosh.”

Darcy- “So you call Chemosh your God?”

Gruff- “Me dunno about dat but me like him cause him give Gruff hat an tells me do wat me like to do. Maybe youse right. Cheemosh be Gruff God.”

Darcy- “Moving on then, what has been the toughest thing to overcome in your being an Ogre?”

Gruff- “Me gonna have to say dem hoomans in Haven an Gateway an everywhere. Dem hollers at Gruff an make me give shinys. Me likes shinys. But dem guys alla time hollerin at Gruff. Hurt Gruff feelins.”

Darcy- “That’s unfortunate. We here in Solace will never treat you that way.”

Gruff- “Me tanks youse guys in dis town. Me likes youse.

Darcy- “Speaking of unfortunate, we are out of time. Thanks to Gruff for joining us this morning and I hope you join us tomorrow when we talk with the Seeker Guard Captain and what it means to be wrong. Take us out Gruff. Say goodbye!”

Gruff- “Bye bye!”
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Eye On Solace
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