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 The M.A.N. Project

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PostSubject: The M.A.N. Project   Fri Mar 02, 2012 11:47 pm

::Project Mechanical Artificial Neohumanoid::
::Gnomish invention file alpha gamma seven::
::Programming update three thousand seventeen::
::Additional crash prevention protocol. Initiate change to small mammal immediately::
::::Internal Log – sound recognition protocol indicates small humanoids nearby conversing about project M.A.N.. Imperative initiated localization and recording::::

“Please make sure this unit is secured for transport to the factory floor. We don’t want to drop another prototype.” The speaker was the head of transportation and walking, Ardnanthe secondthirdandmaybefourth.

“Of course Foreman. I wouldn’t dream of it. I can’t wait to see this beauty coated in mithril and titanium.” Gridnobshooerofdogs replied.

“Very good Assistant. Make sure the coating gets an extra day to harden before we move to trials.” Ardnan nodded and stalked off, ream of work orders and supply sheafs in hand.

The Assistant carefully checked the ropes and chains securing the large form to the pallet and called for some workers to help him hoist it up and over a large railing to the distant factory beneath. The dull metal form was vaguely humanoid, but more than twice the size of its diminutive handlers. Featureless and seamless, the smooth metal exterior was copper in color that was slightly translucent in several places. They expertly maneuvered the crane into position over the vat of bubbling liquid metal.

As the crane came to a halt, more workers below transferred the pallet to a platform above and slightly to the side of the vat. The crane’s connections pinged free of the pallet and swung away. They rose as the handoff was complete.

“OKAY! DIP THAT AND LET IT HARDEN AN EXTRA DAY!” Gridnob had to yell over the sounds of the machinery below.

“HARDEN THE DIP IN CLAY BEFORE THE DAY IS OUT! GOT IT!” The Director of Vats replied to Gridnog who shook his head and waved him off. The Director had done this procedure before and didn’t understand why Gridnob thought him incapable of a simple dip. “That boy has to get a mate and fast.” The Director mumbled to himself.

The switch was thrown and the platform shot large pincers out of the sides which held onto the metal form tightly so it wouldn’t move then flipped it over and into the large vat of bubbling titanium. Wait…titanium?

::::Internal log – The procedure about to be performed is contrary to requisitioned guidelines. ERROR. ERROR.::::

The Director finished the dip and brought the now shiny metal humanoid out of the vat. The platform finished leveling off. A huge circular tray with several more vats of bubbling metals swung the titanium vat around and replaced it with the mithril one. The mithril was a much stronger metal than the titanium but it was more able to cope with joints moving around. The Director didn’t see why the Mithril had to go first, seeing as it was a prettier metal. He thought it should go on the outside.

The platform once again flipped the figure into the vat of bubbling metal. A high pitched squeal began to emit from the vat but no one could hear it over the din of the machinery.

::::ERROR. ERROR. Internal heat registers overloading. Primary protocols erasing from oldest forwards. Day One ERROR. Day Two ERROR.::::

Ardnan was screaming at the Vat Director as the platform flipped back over. “WHATAREYOUDOING! THEHEATWILLFRYTHEINTERNALMAGICS!” Gesturing wildly, Ardnan fumed and tried to get close to the form to see if there was damage.

“I think the mithril looks much better on the outside. Shiny.” The Director was quite pleased with himself and thought he should get a medal.

“The mithril was supposed to go on first you dum dum! It was to protect the internal workings from heat damage! Who knows how horribly scarred you’ve made this prototype!” Ardnan scowled in full force at the Director who would not be swayed from his admiration of the shiny outside.

“It’s done. Take your now magnificently shiny toy to see if I damaged it.” The Director waved his hands and workers transferred the metal humanoid to another pallet which was whisked away with Ardnan running behind.

::::Internal Log – Day fifty-two ERROR. Internal heat registers are within normal guidelines. Erasure halted. Internal diagnostics have begun::::

The polishing of the outside shell took another two weeks as the industrious gnomes made sure the translucent areas of its skin were visible and the golden fluids running within were sloshing along correctly. The glowing eye sockets were dialed down to a deep black while the instructions for operating the device were inscribed delicately and indecipherably on a part of the form that no one would think to look at. Such was the way of the gnomes.

Finally the day arrived when Ardnan signaled his workers to push the on button. They of course looked at him like he was mad and just told the creature to stand. It stood. Slowly. Finally. And then it started running. It ran so quickly that none of the gnomes could see which gate it escaped from. There was pandemonium and lots of shouting but in the end, they decided that another prototype was lost. Ardnan, then and there, cried.

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The M.A.N. Project
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