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 Murder in the First

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PostSubject: Murder in the First   Sat Mar 17, 2012 4:56 pm

After sitting around all day doing nothing.. Calluna finally decides to go out and have some fun. After a while she finally thinks to herself "I wonder how tough the guards in Haven are.." So she takes the caravan to Haven and as she walks around she assesses the guards, their groupings and how they patrol... Finally after a few hours she decided she had studied them enough and so went on the attack. Firing from a distance with her bow she felled many before the guards realized what was happening. Once the alarm had been raised she thought "now the real fun begins." As the guards had gathered in the streets she watched as they split up looking for the intruder.. She slew all who strayed from the groups with her bow, and any who found her she quickly dispatched with her rapier and dagger. When there were only a dozen guards left she decided to boldly take them head on...

She ran at them firing her bow and killing a few as she did so. When she got close enough she tossed aside her bow and drew her weapons. Spinning to avoid an attack from one of the guards, she got behind him and stabbed him through the back of the neck severing his spinal column killing him instantly. Backing away a few paces she took a stance and beckoned to them, taunting them. Seeing her actions fill them with rage a guard cried out and rushed her. As the guard did so she studied his armor noticing a small weak point in it as he got close. When he got close enough she lashed out with her rapier, it slid easily through the weak point in his armor killing the guard. Smirking under her hood she kicked the now dead guard off her weapon and spoke to the rest. "Flee and you just might live... Face me now and know that today shall be your last.."

The guards all looked at one another and as if a silent thought had passed between them and they all began to advance as one. As they began to circle around her she watched them closely looking for weak points in their armor. She smiled to herself as she picked out multiple weak points in each individual guards defense. Laughing menacingly she attacks one of the guards who dared get too close and kills him easily. Her engagement with the remaining guards was quick. Only accumulating a few cuts where their weapons had managed to touch her bare skin and some bruises where their weapons had been deflected off her specially designed armor. Seeing only one remained she began to advance upon the guard. Seeing her advance the guard turned and began to flee. Finding amusement in such a futile attempt, Calluna sheaths her weapons and picks up a medium sized stone from the street and throws it, hitting the guard in the back of the helm causing them to fall to the ground dazed.

After picking up her bow and slinging it over her shoulder she walks over to the stunned guard. As the guard rolls onto their back she draws her rapier and pierces them through their right shoulder causing the guard to cry out in pain. Smiling to herself she bends down and pulls the helm off the guard revealing a dark haired, average looking woman with deep hazel eyes. Thinking that she is about to die the woman begins to cry and plea for her life. Becoming quickly annoyed Calluna draws her dagger and puts it to the woman’s throat and twists her rapier causing her to cry out again, halting her words.

“Shut up… Before I change my mind and decide to kill you… Now you listen and listen well. You will tell all that you meet that Calluna Vulgaris, second wife to Soth is the one who wrought such devastation here this day. Let them know to fear my lords power and cower before his might lest they be consumed by it..”

The woman nods her understanding as tears from her pain fall down her cheeks. Smiling, Calluna stands, sheaths her dagger and withdraws her rapier from the woman’s shoulder and sheaths it as well. Knowing that the woman will do as she was told, Calluna walks back to the caravan and rides it back to solace. Once there she steps down from the caravan leaving bloody boot prints behind her. Looking around she notices a small group and watches them a moment before leaving and finding a place to relax for a while.

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Murder in the First
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