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 The fall of Amy Truheart

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PostSubject: The fall of Amy Truheart   Mon Mar 19, 2012 12:37 am

Amy winced as she stepped between the bodies lying on the forest floor. It had been a big battle, hence all the bodies. Her confusion stemmed mostly from seeing the bodies of the elves mixed with the green-skinned invaders and the horribly twisted bodies of animals. It appeared that the elves and green skins had been set upon by these abominations of nature. Amy thought that perhaps Chislev might not be happy right now.

The man in dark green stepped from behind a tree into her line of sight. Amy looked at him and started to speak but the world exploded into multi-colored lights and then darkness. She wondered what his name was.

Amy awoke in a plain stone chamber. It echoed hollowly when she spoke. It smelled of roses. She felt the smooth walls of her prison and then realized there were no doors. She spent what she imagined was a good hour looking for any chink in the stone but found none. She curled up into a ball and cried herself to sleep. Darkness once again.

This time when she awoke, the thorns and brambles encircling her legs made her cry out as they shifted tighter and gouged bloody tracks into her skin. Her arms were also tightly held by wretched vines, dripping with mold. She screamed as the man in dark green chanted and flaming vines erupted from his hands to flog her face into painful oblivion. Darkness for a third time.

Amy wiped the spittle from her lips as she gained consciousness under a night sky. She looked at herself and stifled a gasp. Her clothing was black leather and tightly fitted. She stood and tried to walk, only to find herself slipping on the damp grass. She fell to her backside and screamed as she remembered the voices. Oh the voices! She screamed again and a group of goblins out foraging gave her a wide berth. The crazy human was more than they wanted to deal with. She cried out for Allinor softly then collapsed. Darkness a final time.

Sera stood and brushed the grass from her leather leggings. She looked around contemptuously as she straightened the cloak and deadly vambraces. She called upon the magics to envelope her in protections and enhancements. She blasted the amazed goblin troup with fire raining from the sky and chuckled at their cries for mercy. Mercy was for the weak. By the Gods she needed a drink. Looking at the road sign she headed towards Solace. Darkness no more.
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PostSubject: Re: The fall of Amy Truheart   Mon Mar 19, 2012 3:02 am

::Internal diagnostics complete. Reboot now:: Man's glowing eyes opened and he rose to standing beside the lake as he always did after self diagnostics. The insect buzzing around in his main processor core was beginning to wear thin even on mechanical nerves. Looking around, Man spied a group of strange figures carrying a female figure out of the woods.

::Stealth Mode Active:: Man shifted to his personal stealth shielding and merged as well as he could to the terrain to get closer to the group. He thought the woman might need help. Man provided help. That was good programming. The group were dressed in dark green cloaks and robes. Bits of forest clung to them like dross on an ingot. These must be the druids Frangwe spoke of. The woman was dressed in all black with leather and cloth fitting her tightly. A shapely form to be sure, her beauty was not lost even on Man. He moved closer.

The druids deposited her unconscious form on the grass hill near the lake and one of them pulled a wicked looking dagger from his belt. The leader grabbed his underling's hand and shook his shaggy head. Man tensed to spring into action should the leader not be up to the task. The underling snorted softly and replaced the dagger. As the woman groaned, soon to waken, the group shifted form into small furred mammals as Man was wont to do and sprinted off to the forest. Man watched as the woman stirred and gasped as she looked upon herself.

::Disengage Stea...:: Man was about to show himself when the woman slipped on the wet grass and screamed in a most disconcerting manner. He watched as she grabbed her head and wailed weakly, finally collapsing and murmuring some name before falling once again into unconsciousness. She awoke quickly though, and Man could tell this woman was different for the experience. Her demeanor turned a complete around. She began casting magics all around her and spied a small bunch of goblinoids nearby. Man watched in a cold mechanical way as she incinerated them with a gesture. Man figured that it was a good thing he did not reveal himself. She muttered something about a drink and strode off towards Solace. Man was about to follow here when some inner programming warned him against it. His keen eyes spotted a strange blue necklace the woman wore. His internal database identified it as the symbol of Mishakal.

::ERROR!:: That could not be right. Man was even more confused by this woman than canine young that seemed to entrance him. He shook his head and returned to the hillside to contemplate these things. He would need to find this Allinor that the woman murmured and also find these druids. Perhaps they could help his ::HIC:: *Man dissolves into a gargoyle form*
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PostSubject: Re: The fall of Amy Truheart   Mon Mar 19, 2012 10:06 am

A Dark armored young man watching the young lady awake and stumble about some with the new garments she was now wearing turned away to look at another lady standing close.

What is the next step? he asked as he placed his hand on a small young tree. The tree started to wilt and die before was turned to ash it almost to started become twisted in a new form. Damn it! he cussed.

We wait. she simple said as she held up a red rose and a red light gloved around it and the red rose turned into black rose she simple dropped on the ground.

For now keep working on your skills.

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PostSubject: Re: The fall of Amy Truheart   

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The fall of Amy Truheart
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