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 Libro de Vita ((ALl please read ))

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PostSubject: Libro de Vita ((ALl please read ))   Mon Mar 19, 2012 3:48 pm

Word spreads from Caergoth about the arrival of a very strange book. This book is held in the Theater and has cause quite the excitement amongst many of the bards there. This book is enchanted to never run out of paper and seems to have a magical glow about it. Any who come to see this book would find it on a stand just to the right once you enter the Theater, behind it on the wall is a large scroll.

Behold the famed book Libro de Vita, it is the only book known to have a never-ending supply of paper. And with it now in our possession we would like to invite all to write and have their work forever stored in here. All you need to do is take up the pen and write, be it a story, or a poem. Now is your chance to be a bard, without any one else to worry about.

(( Basically everyone is invited and encouraged to post something written your character to be included in this "book" a reward is offered to anyone who posts and adds to it.))


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PostSubject: Re: Libro de Vita ((ALl please read ))   Mon Mar 19, 2012 6:02 pm

A whisper near the ear inspired her, the urging of her honored Lord set her footsteps to Caergoth and into a part of the city she had not visited before. The flowering trees before her gave off a sweet scent to the air as she moved inside the theater, and her hand paused upon the open book.

Fire was not just simply in the hearth. It was also in the spirit, in the soul. It was the spark which nurtured creativity and gave it life. And thus inspired by her lord and his guidance, and the new location she found herself within, Rhea took up quill and penned an entry into the tome.

~Flame's Dance~

Where time flows and summer falls,
Comes a maiden now unbound;
Of silken grace and favored step,
A mortal hand thus found;
To walk within the flame's embrace,
Of a whispers soft sound.

Comes now he, the dear crimson Prince,
Come now this fiery King;
For your arms shall guide dancer's steps;
Wrapped in this protective ring;
So shall the flowing flame spark bright,
As ever your name we sing.

Sweet torment does wait within one kiss,
Caught fast by smoldering eyes;
Our hearts beat fast like morning doves,
As this in this dance we fly,
To tease of silks upon fevered cheeks,
Adored in this lingering sigh.

Upon winds scented of passion's first bloom;
From all cities where one holds chance;
Brought among us to set forth the world anew,
Accept these words, an avowance;
Of you which sparks to life the new,
Given in this, Flame Dance.

/OOC: Original work by me.
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PostSubject: Re: Libro de Vita ((ALl please read ))   Sat Mar 31, 2012 2:05 am

OK This was to be kept hidden this book idea was placed here to inspire events for DM to run what is wrote in the Book May or May not happen.

The book its self only real magic is it endless pages Nothing more.

the book as no real power if a item like that did exist HECK NO would not be sitting out in the open like that

I hope these clear it up.

was to be a thing to guess not expose right away

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PostSubject: Re: Libro de Vita ((ALl please read ))   

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Libro de Vita ((ALl please read ))
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